Supergator is the friend of all children

by meanlouise July 21, 2013 horror & scifi

Spoilers? Sure. Maybe. I doubt it. Supergator. Produced in the land before time (2007, when SyFy still had “i”s). Like many Sci Fi/SyFy originals, Roger Corman is producer/executive producer (depending on which credits you check). I mention this because when B-movie nerds, usually male and of a certain age, speak dismissively of SyFy craptaculars, they […]

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who gave those wild animals the silly idea that they were entitled to live in their habitat?

by meanlouise May 19, 2013 florida files

I was drinking coffee and watching sandhill cranes by the lake this morning when a woman, who obviously lives in the neighborhood, let her yaptastic dog scare them off. Well, you don’t scare a 4 foot tall bird away so much as you annoy it into leaving. I rather jealously wished I could fly away […]

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Lake Placid 3

by meanlouise May 13, 2013 movies

Husband has been working a lot lately so he took the day off and we’ve planned an ambitious date/day. We’re going to watch a lot of the crap on our Tivo. We have a lot of thematic triple & quadruple features saved up: dragon, dinosaurs, and werewolves, oh my! But first, we’re easing in with […]

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by meanlouise April 19, 2013 academia

As I hurtle towards the inevitable end of the semester, it’s a good time to polish up some of the drafts that have been piling up. Instant content, just add coffee. Yes. Well. In my Anthropological Research Design seminar this semester we’ve been, um, designing research. Specifically, ethnographic research. (As a biological anthropologist, this is […]

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Fascinating criminal defense strategy

by meanlouise April 26, 2009 news

He said: “He was dressed as a blue Smurf and nobody goes out to battle dressed as a blue Smurf. Link courtesy of JunglePete. In case I haven’t mentioned it recently, JunglePete is a rockstar. Check out the letters he got after his recent presentation about alligators to a group of elementary school students. I […]

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by meanlouise October 22, 2008 true life 2008

I was walking down the sidewalk last night (from stage left to right in this picture) and there was a large carton blocking the view of this part of the sidewalk until I was past it. Consequently, I didn’t see the “alligator” until I was stepping over the tail and my brain processed what it […]

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stranger than fiction

by meanlouise November 6, 2006 true life 2006

Despite recent posting evidence to the contrary, I’m the last person to suggest that life is anything like the movies. Nevertheless, I must describe the events of today because even I thought them a little too cleverly and conveniently plotted. I ventured out of doors today (which is, in itself, newsworthy since I have been […]

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