XMen: I Have Questions

by meanlouise March 20, 2017 movies

And now, we return you to our continuing series, “Xmen: I Have Questions,” already in progress. What sort of nuclear war was Charles Xavier’s stepfather preparing for exactly with that bunker full of department store mannequins? Okay. Fine. Technically this series only existed in my head until now, but it was already in progress, as […]

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The Underpass

by meanlouise October 1, 2015 halloween

Happy Halloween! Hang on. I’m being told today isn’t actually the first day of Halloween, it’s the first day of October. Husband is silly before he has coffee! To kick off Halloween and/or October, director David Schmidt (Sword and Cloak Productions) has released a new short horror film. The sound mix is swell, so watch […]

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Interstellar does not look stellar to me.

by meanlouise October 9, 2014 movies

We saw a lot of movies in the theater this summer. An unusually high number (for us). I quickly reached the point where I could only endure the trailer for Interstellar by imagining all of the characters who go into space (for no apparent reason) eventually crash land on a planet of apes. If I […]

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The Ricardo Montalban Time Travel Paradox

by meanlouise July 10, 2014 monkeys (also: apes)

We spent Christmas quality family time with the 5 original Planet of the Apes movies. (Seven months later, I found this post in my drafts folder). You’d think we’d have these movies memorized by now, but when you’re dealing with such a sprawling franchise things get a bit hazy, even for Highly Trained Professionals such […]

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Jaws 3D

by meanlouise July 9, 2014 movies

Orlando Weekly: “They deleted the subplot where Dennis Quaid searches for an antiperspirant that works.” I hate myself for wanting to drag the the Jungle Pete family to Sea World next week because Blackfish was deeply disturbing. Plus,The tickets to the park are shockingly expensive. At the same time, we just watched Jaws 3 as […]

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Godzilla Countdown

by meanlouise May 14, 2014 horror & scifi

I recently finished a draft of an article about Pacific Rim (2013) that required re-watching both Gojira (1954) and Godzilla: King of the Monsters! (1956). Criterion remastered both movies and put them together as a BluRay set (also available on some streaming services). It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Gojira, I was surprised […]

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Russell Crowe tweeted to the Pope…

by meanlouise February 25, 2014 movies

…and I nearly snorted coffee out my nose because I laughed so hard. Dear Holy Father @Pontifex @Pontifex_it @DarrenAronofsky #Noah film. Screening?The message of the film is powerful , fascinating , resonant — Russell Crowe (@russellcrowe) February 24, 2014 Luckily, if the Pope snorts coffee out his nose, he’s got a guy to clean it […]

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Pompeii & Project Runway. Disaster Epic or Epic Disaster? Yes!

by meanlouise February 21, 2014 movies

Last night on Project Runway: Under the Gunn, the challenge was to design a collection inspired by the slave/buddy cop adventure-love story disaster epic, Pompeii. Seriously. One team chose to design a resort collection, because nothing says “high end resort lifestyle” like a slave fighting a volcano to save the woman he loves. I guess. […]

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Devil Baby

by meanlouise January 16, 2014 horror & scifi

I’ve been ignoring the links to the devil baby video on facebook because, up until a few minutes ago, I thought it was a promotional stunt for an energy drink. Apparently, based on how hard Husband is laughing at me, this is not the case. I think babies are demonic and I watch horror movies, […]

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Christmas movies: a trio of terror. Or laughs. One of those.

by meanlouise December 25, 2013 holiday cheer

If you’re looking for some holiday movies to go along with that bottle of bourbon Santa left under the tree, here’s a trio that will guarantee your whole family needs therapy for years to come. Rare Exports (2010) is a 3 year old Finnish horror/comedy for the whole (Addams) family. It’s a really good movie. […]

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