…and I nearly snorted coffee out my nose because I laughed so hard.

Luckily, if the Pope snorts coffee out his nose, he’s got a guy to clean it up.

Yeah, I know, this was a brilliant publicity stunt to get people like me who think Noah looks terrible to blog about it anyway. Listen up Crowe, I’m counting on that flick being at least half as bad as it appears it’s going to be because BloodRayne can always use a few more late-night channel z lineup partners.

As I hurtle towards the inevitable end of the semester, it’s a good time to polish up some of the drafts that have been piling up. Instant content, just add coffee.

Yes. Well.

In my Anthropological Research Design seminar this semester we’ve been, um, designing research. Specifically, ethnographic research. (As a biological anthropologist, this is not something I do often).

I knew I wanted to do something involving Floridians and alligators. I’d read Laura Ogden’s Swamplife: People, Gators, and Mangroves Entangled in the Everglades and her scholarly articles on the cultural and political constructions of nature and the concept of ecosystems but I wasn’t quite sure where to go from there. (Here’s an interview on the Anthropology and Environment Society blog with Ogden about the book – it’s fascinating).

I was flailing about on a Friday night in late February, knee-deep in a literature review, when I decided to take a brief twitter-break. That’s when I saw that uber-scienceblogger Brian Switek had tweeted this::

My fear of a world where apes evolved from men kicked into high gear and I quickly responded.

Later I discovered my Tivo, Overlord II, had been trying to give me nudges in the right direction all week:


Amidst all this chatter, and the inevitable branching twitter conversations, I realized I was thinking too narrowly. Reading Ajay Gandhi’s ethnography, “Catch Me if You Can: Monkey capture in Delhi” was a turning point. My ideas were sound, but my theoretical model was all wrong. I don’t think that multispecies ethnography (see references at the end of the post) is really going to be The Next Big Thing, but the possible applications are intriguing.

So the moral of the story: Twitter is not always a waste of time and Tivo is your friend and it just wants to help. Also, beware the Ricardo Montalban Effect, which I still haven’t fully explained but intend to in the very near future. I thought I had an old post explaining it, but I was mistaken. I’ll fix that, but probably not until the semester is over.

In related news, Brian Switek’s new book, My Beloved Brontosaurus: On the Road with Old Bones, New Science, and Our Favorite Dinosaurs, is waiting for you to buy it. It’s pretty great.


Fuentes, Agustin
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I’m really tired and extremely easily amused today, so this may not be as funny as I thought when i first saw it, but I found this incredibly amusing when it popped up in my inbox:

Hi, meanlouise.

Santa Claus (Santa_Claus_) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Santa Claus’s profile here:


By the way: no idea who this is. I’m wary about (and weary of) the proliferation of twitter spam so I haven’t spent any real time looking at it yet. Just thought it was funny.

Abandoned my writing buddy when my eyeballs threatened to fall out of my head and roll across the floor and, more importantly, the superstrength ibuprofen wore off and my hands started to ache like they’d been hit with a hammer. Starting wordccount 13k. Final wordcount at the end of the day: 17,436

(posted on request for a reader who can’t access twitter)

When in trouble, kill a character. Kill 2, they’re small. Live on the wild side, kill a major character. a funeral is worth a thousand words
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16k words.many of ’em about travails of writing at coffeeshop. see also:people who let their spawn bang on the piano like liberace on crack
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received txt msg from WriMo who turned out to be sitting right behind me here at the coffee shop. wackiness.
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15,000 words. some of them coherent. most of them real.
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maybe I should quit writing and devote my life to roller derby
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NaNoWriMo update: 14,000 and counting.
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