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Halloween 2013

by meanlouise October 5, 2013 anthropology

Getting messages asking what this year’s Halloween theme is going to be and when I’m going to start posting. It’s October 5th already, isn’t it? But wait! I’m not 5 days behind! I can make this year’s theme Archaeology & Anthropology in Horror and then I’m actually ahead of the game because I’ve already been […]

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Supergator is the friend of all children

by meanlouise July 21, 2013 horror & scifi

Spoilers? Sure. Maybe. I doubt it. Supergator. Produced in the land before time (2007, when SyFy still had “i”s). Like many Sci Fi/SyFy originals, Roger Corman is producer/executive producer (depending on which credits you check). I mention this because when B-movie nerds, usually male and of a certain age, speak dismissively of SyFy craptaculars, they […]

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Bike Couriers, Stonehenge Apocalypse & Archaeology in the Movies

by meanlouise May 5, 2013 anthropology

Are bike messengers still a thing in the United States? Not as in, do they still exist – of course they still exist! (How else would people get weed delivered to their office in the middle of the day?) Let me start over: I’m sure there are still courier services – I wonder if their […]

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by meanlouise April 13, 2013 anthropology

Speaking of apes, which we weren’t, it’s Friday night, which means it’s finally time to watch BloodMonkey. I know we promised to watch it as a double feature with Flying Monkeys, but we lied. This movie is so Not Good we hadn’t even gotten through the title sequence before a cocktail party broke out here […]

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