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Now Playing: Drive-By Truckers

Lots and lots of Drive-By Truckers, including The Dirty South, A Blessing and A Curse and of course, Southern Rock Opera.

Somewhere, I think we have Pizza Deliverance on vinyl. I just read the notes about this album on the discography page on the band’s website:

Pizza Deliverance (1999 – Soul Dump Records)

SONGS: Bulldozers and Dirt, Nine Bullets, Uncle Frank, Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus), Box of Spiders, One of These Days, Margo and Harold, The Company I Keep, Tales Facing Up, The Presidents Penis is Missing, Love Like This, Mrs. Dubose, Zoloft, The Night G.G. Allin Came to Town

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I’ll always have an extra soft spot for this one. We recorded it in my living room on Jefferson Rd. n Athens GA in five days in mid-january 1999. You can hear my dogs fighting over which one gets to eat the other’s puke in the background of Mrs. Dubose. (True story).

On that Sunday afternoon we invited a bunch of friends over and got plowed and recorded takes of Nine Bullets, The Company I Keep and a drunken, unplanned The President’s Penis is Missing, which we ended up laughing so hard at we put it on the album only to see most early reviews concentrate on how terrible it was. That’s alright, I still think it was the right call nearly ten years later.

Cooley came into his own with Uncle Frank, One Of These Days and Love Like This. PD captures an earlier incarnation of this band at a turning point and I’ll always love this one.
The Night GG Allin Came To Town was written as a birthday present to Cooley at a time when we weren’t speaking.

I think I need to dig that out for a listen.

The Drive-By Truckers are an excellent antidote to Belle and Sebastian (Tigermilk), who I accidentally listened to earlier. Belle and Sebastian annoy me so much that they actually make my teeth itch.