Whenever I’m feeding the Tivo, I see listings for an ABC Family show called, “Dog With a Blog.”

I have no idea what this show is about. I’ve never even read the program description out of curiosity.

Not because I’m not curious, but because it’s a fantastic name.

Dog With a Blog.


And that is why I don’t ever want to find out what the show is actually about. I’m certain to be crushed, because I know this actually isn’t a show about a dog who blogs and, let’s be honest, people who blog as their dogs are weirdos.

Each time I try to summon words to describe seeing Aung San Suu Kyi speak in person, I fail.

So instead, I’m posting a video of a bulldog on a trampoline, because I can’t stop watching it.

[embedded video]

Delilah the Pug meets Peanut the Kitten.

Before you leave a snarky comment: yes, I know that kitten claws are dangerous to prominent pug eyes. Not my dog. Not my kitten. No one got hurt, so just enjoy the Xtreme Cuteness and chill out.

The New York Times reports on the the proliferation of French Bulldogs in Astoria, Queens in “Love for a Dog That’s No Bark and All Yodel.” I know you’d want to know this, since you’re all such devoted readers of The Daily Wag, the blog written by Martha Stewart’s dogs, Francesca and Sharkey. (Don’t you dare tell me they don’t write it themselves, I’ll just have to cover my ears with my paws, er, hands, and sing la-la-la really loud until your mouth stops moving).

It’s amusing that one of the dogs mentioned in the article is linked to an index of other articles about him. The dogs name is George Clooney and I’m pretty sure those other articles aren’t about the bulldog, but are about that other guy instead.

Thanks for the link, Torie!