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Dog With a Blog

Whenever I’m feeding the Tivo, I see listings for an ABC Family show called, “Dog With a Blog.”

I have no idea what this show is about. I’ve never even read the program description out of curiosity.

Not because I’m not curious, but because it’s a fantastic name.

Dog With a Blog.


And that is why I don’t ever want to find out what the show is actually about. I’m certain to be crushed, because I know this actually isn’t a show about a dog who blogs and, let’s be honest, people who blog as their dogs are weirdos.

(nearly) wordless wednesday: Farewell Maya

Our beloved friend Maya the Border Collie exited this mortal coil.

Maya and I spent many fine hours together playing frisbee or on walkies around the neighborhood, sniffing things and herding neighbors. Maya did most of the herding and the sniffing, of course.

I’m updating this to clarify that Maya was my friend, she wasn’t actually our dog. Sorry for any confusion.