Tim Gunn critiques superheroes

by meanlouise April 21, 2010 pop culture

CrazySexyGeeks shot a series of short videos of Tim Gunn sitting down with pop culture historian Alan Kistler to talk about the fashion choices of a variety of superheroes. Part One looks at Mr. Miracle, Star Sapphire, Power Girl, Catwoman, Spider-Man and Batwoman. If you want to see other CSG episodes with Tim Gunn, check […]

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speaking of awesomely bad-sounding movies…

by meanlouise January 4, 2009 movies

Has anyone seen The Spirit? We were actually looking that one up yesterday when we were waylaid by the badness of Seven Pounds. The Rotten Tomatoes pull-quotes are no doubt a thousand times more entertaining than the actual movie. It’s not just that it’s obvious from the train wreck onscreen that Miller hasn’t ever truly […]

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Day the Earth Stood Still

by meanlouise December 27, 2008 movies

We went on a date recently and we actually went to the movies – we saw The Day the Earth Stood Still at the local IMAX theater. We watched the original first because, well, we’re geeks. Keanu Reeves acquitted himself nicely as the completely expressionless Klaatu, and the pacing was much better, and GORT the […]

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by meanlouise October 28, 2004 art

Before I return to my regularly scheduled pre-election media blackout, already in progress…But first, a link to Roman Dirge’s spookyland, because I promised DelRaySteve I would post it.

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for the love of god

by meanlouise June 19, 2001 movies

Please please please let this just be an idle rumor. If Sandra Bullock is really going to play Wonder Woman in a big screen remake I simply don’t know what I’m going to do. This is a concept that upsets me no end. I don’t have anything against Sandra, but damnit she is not Wonder […]

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wondering about wonder woman

by meanlouise June 13, 2001 pop culture

This morning something occurred to me that I hadn’t thought about before. I was watching Wonder Woman, as I do every morning before I go to work. The Chinese Communists had captured Diana Prince and were tying her up. Diana had to just let them tie her up because of course she couldn’t turn herself […]

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