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Supergator is the friend of all children

by meanlouise July 21, 2013 horror & scifi

Spoilers? Sure. Maybe. I doubt it. Supergator. Produced in the land before time (2007, when SyFy still had “i”s). Like many Sci Fi/SyFy originals, Roger Corman is producer/executive producer (depending on which credits you check). I mention this because when B-movie nerds, usually male and of a certain age, speak dismissively of SyFy craptaculars, they […]

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Pop Culture Paleontology (Now with more T. rex)

by meanlouise June 28, 2013 movies

Last month, Husband took a day off and we spent some quality time together. (With our Tivo, Overlord II). A series of Florida swamp adventures slowed down my posting schedule, but here at last is what I wrote about the rest of Pop Culture Paleontology Day (low rent edition). I’m hoping the suspense didn’t kill […]

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The culmination of a week of ghosts, dinosaurs and coral

by meanlouise October 22, 2010 true life 2010

Yesterday Husband and I had lunch at a place with a dinosaur decor, a coral reef themed bar, and a haunted ladies room. Yes, we ventured into the T-Rex Cafe at Downtown Disney. This place is always packed and you have to make reservations for dinner. We’re usually only in the area when we’re foraging […]

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