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Rankin Bass’s “The Thing”

by meanlouise December 22, 2013 holiday cheer

This may be one of the all-time great re-cut trailers of…well, all time. Rankin Bass’s “The Thing”:

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Homemade Movies: Death Star Trench Run

by meanlouise July 2, 2013 cyberculture

Have you watched the Cinefix Homemade Movies of the the Death Star Trench Run scene from Star Wars: Episode IV? Trust me, even if you think this idea is dumb, stick with it until about the 2nd minute and the genius of it will slowly be revealed to you. [embedded video:

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Pop Culture Paleontology (Now with more T. rex)

by meanlouise June 28, 2013 movies

Last month, Husband took a day off and we spent some quality time together. (With our Tivo, Overlord II). A series of Florida swamp adventures slowed down my posting schedule, but here at last is what I wrote about the rest of Pop Culture Paleontology Day (low rent edition). I’m hoping the suspense didn’t kill […]

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Movie viewing mistakes you don’t make twice

by meanlouise May 10, 2013 horror & scifi

Intending to watch the hilarious Happy, Texas but instead watching the not-hilarious Paris, Texas is a mistake I doubt one makes twice. I certainly haven’t. Ditto: thinking you’re in for an evening filled with the adorableness of Sandra Bullock (and adorable alcoholics, judging from the description) in 28 Days and accidentally finding yourself immersed in […]

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Bike Couriers, Stonehenge Apocalypse & Archaeology in the Movies

by meanlouise May 5, 2013 anthropology

Are bike messengers still a thing in the United States? Not as in, do they still exist – of course they still exist! (How else would people get weed delivered to their office in the middle of the day?) Let me start over: I’m sure there are still courier services – I wonder if their […]

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American Psycho: the Huey Lewis + Weird Al edition

by meanlouise April 3, 2013 movies

Mary Harron’s brilliant, disturbing, satirical movie, American Psycho, contains a now-iconic scene where Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) holds forth on Huey Lewis and the News before killing an associate with an axe. Sorry if that’s a spoiler, but there’s really no other way to warn you that this clip contains gratuitous and potentially upsetting scenes […]

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Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association 2013

by meanlouise March 30, 2013 academia

Home again after the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference, which was a 4 day whirlwind. Think I’m kidding about the whirlwind part? Here’s the pdf of the schedule – it’s 501 pages long. (The conference is actually going on until 9:45 tonight but we attended 3 panels between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. […]

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The Awesomely Creepy Background Art of Scooby Doo

by meanlouise March 26, 2013 pop culture

I love this. The Secret Fun Blog posts 50 great examples of the creepy & beautiful background art from the original Scooby Doo cartoon series. Via the Comics Alliance post, “The awesomely creepy background art of scooby doo.”

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Ikea ads

by meanlouise January 25, 2013 television

When I first moved to Washington, DC in 1988, IKEA ads touting their high product-testing standards were on TV a lot. My roommate and I loved one with a scientist jumping up and down on a bed chanting, “You’re gonna get hurt! You’re gonna get hurt! You’re gonna get hurt!” That’s how I remembered it, […]

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Godzilla Wednesday

by meanlouise December 26, 2012 humor

I know I’ve blogged this before, so I suspect that my search is malfunctioning. Just in case, here it is again: Safety first!

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