Alice in Wonderland

Curious Alice

by meanlouise April 28, 2014 seriously?

The National Archives’ Special Media Archives Services Division has a blog called Media Matters that is full of amazing gems, like this: The Curious Case of Curious Alice. The post is about a deliriously insane 12 minute movie the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) made in 1971 to convince children not to do drugs. […]

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"The Evolution of Alice in Wonderland: A Book Cover Odyssey."

by meanlouise January 27, 2011 academia

In honor of this, the 178th anniverary of the birth of Lewis Carroll (nee Charles Lutwidge Dodgson), Flavorpill gives us a survey of “The Evolution of Alice in Wonderland: A Book Cover Odyssey.”

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happy birthday, EvilAgent!

by meanlouise January 24, 2011 true life 2011

Since it’s Evil Agent’s birthday, I figured this a good time to post this draft from December. Husband, Evil and I were at brunch at our favorite local restaurant. The ubiquitous tin ceilings in most old buildings in our neighborhood are pretty, but they contribute to some loud dining adventures when the house is full. […]

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Legend of Hell House

by meanlouise October 25, 2010 movies

Our Tivo, OverLord II, recorded Legend of Hell House for us. We thought we’d seen it, but when we started it we realized we were quite mistaken. To be honest, we haven’t finished it. Although it’s not dull, I was finding it slightly ponderous compared to the other viewing options for the evening so we […]

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Happy birthday to me

by meanlouise March 9, 2010 true life 2010

Disney World is an excellent place to spend your birthday. I’m not sure I was in my right mind when I decided we should get up at 5 a.m. on my 40th birthday to go run the Princess and the Frog 5K around Epcot, but it was really fun and I’m glad we did it. […]

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Destination Disneyworld

by meanlouise March 5, 2010 movies

My Brother arrives today, as he got the weekend off from his supersecret project to create human-dinosaur hybrid supersoldiers. We’re going to see Alice tonight. I think we’re supposed to get in the spirit of things and say, “Walt Disney Picture’s Alice in Wonderland, a Disney Digital Production by director Tim Burton.” I’m not awake […]

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Alice in Wonderland (1999)

by meanlouise March 2, 2010 movies

When you stop being disturbed by the image of grown men dressed as rabbits, that’s when I think you have a real problem. Fortunately, the 1999 NBC miniseries, Alice in Wonderland, features a white rabbit and other creatures created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. Unfortunately, it also features Whoopi Goldberg as the Cheshire Cat. Everything […]

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Cake Wrecks: alice in wonderland edition

by meanlouise February 28, 2010 food and drink

Heather sent me this great link to a Sunday Sweets post on Cake Wrecks that feature some Alice in Wonderland Cakes. I asked Husband to make me a caterpillar cake. He had no comment at this time.

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Alice in Wonderland (1903)

by meanlouise February 28, 2010 movies

The DVD release of the 2009 documentary Alice: A Look into Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has both the 1903 and 1915 adaptations of Alice on it as special features. The 1903 version was recently restored as much as possible by the British Film Institute and they’ve made it available online on the BFI website. “Alice […]

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Robert Smith's cover of "Very Good Advice" for the new Alice in Wonderland: terrible, or just plain awful? Discuss.

by meanlouise February 17, 2010 movies
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