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We didn’t go to the White House Correspondents Association Dinner, but we drove through the chaos on our way to Eighteenth Street Lounge. Being true nerds, the first thing we did when we got home was watch the videos.

How great was Michele Obama’s hair? (Great!)

I was just going to embed the video for the fake trailer for “The President’s Speech” because it’s very funny, and very short compared to all of the speeches that went on around it:

But I decided to include the President’s whole speech (which includes the trailer) because otherwise you miss out on all of the Donald Trump jokes, and the priceless reaction shots by Trump.

And if I’m including the President’s speech, I really need to include the Trump-skewering Seth Meyers speech that followed:


It must be a good idea if Stephen Colbert is suggesting it!

A few years ago I got roped into focus-grouping some potential campaign slogans for a neighbor. My suggestion, “He never killed a hobo!” went over like lead.

Last week, Stephen Colbert was interviewing South Carolina incumbent Bob Ingles. Colbert asked Inglis, “What do you know about this rumor that he [opponent Trey Gowdy] beat a drifter to death with a dinner plate?”

See, my idea was a good one after all. Stephen Colbert would never be snarky in an interview so it must be a good strategy.

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South Carolina’s 4th District Primary – Bob Inglis
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Alvin Greene

Alvin Greene’s Democratic Primary win in South Carolina’s Senate race is so bizarre and so lacking in background information that it defies explanation. The Washington Post’s story this morning, “A week later, and Greene’s Senate nomination is still a mystery for S.C.” barely qualifies as news because there’s still nothing to tell. The who-what-where-why-when of this drama are so amorphous it’s like if you stare too hard at the story it dissolves into smoke.

Once again, the Daily Show supplies the best analysis:

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Alvin Greene Wins South Carolina Primary
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