“I’m a gremlin!”

by meanlouise October 18, 2011 humor

[embedded video: Mitt Romney for the easily amused]

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by meanlouise May 1, 2011 politics

We didn’t go to the White House Correspondents Association Dinner, but we drove through the chaos on our way to Eighteenth Street Lounge. Being true nerds, the first thing we did when we got home was watch the videos. How great was Michele Obama’s hair? (Great!) I was just going to embed the video for […]

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It must be a good idea if Stephen Colbert is suggesting it!

by meanlouise June 21, 2010 politics

A few years ago I got roped into focus-grouping some potential campaign slogans for a neighbor. My suggestion, “He never killed a hobo!” went over like lead. Last week, Stephen Colbert was interviewing South Carolina incumbent Bob Ingles. Colbert asked Inglis, “What do you know about this rumor that he [opponent Trey Gowdy] beat a […]

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Alvin Greene

by meanlouise June 17, 2010 politics

Alvin Greene’s Democratic Primary win in South Carolina’s Senate race is so bizarre and so lacking in background information that it defies explanation. The Washington Post’s story this morning, “A week later, and Greene’s Senate nomination is still a mystery for S.C.” barely qualifies as news because there’s still nothing to tell. The who-what-where-why-when of […]

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Are we sure Rahm didn't actually write this? Brilliant.

by meanlouise February 7, 2010 humor
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edit: Sweet CheezIts (I stand corrected)

by meanlouise September 28, 2009 true life 2009

I’ve been sick. My fever has been bouncing up and down like a chihuahua on springs. That hasn’t been unpleasant enough, so yesterday a wacky confluence of virus and drugs and who-knows-what gave me heartburn. I’ve clearly never had actual heartburn before. If I ever get it again, please call President Obama’s death panel. What […]

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Tom, Tom, Tom

by meanlouise February 4, 2009 politics

I know it’s a 20 year old ad with no real relevance to Daschle’s current woes, but you must admit it’s still amusing.

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Rick Sanchez on Joe the Plumber, war correspondent

by meanlouise January 15, 2009 politics

This is essential viewing: via mediabistro

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Strip Maul

by meanlouise January 6, 2009 politics

I haven’t been able to form any coherent thoughts on Israel, Gaza and Hamas. Luckily, Jon Stewart came to my rescue and said it all for me: The Daily Show With Jon StewartM – Th 11p / 10c Strip Maul Barack Obama InterviewJohn McCain Interview Sarah Palin VideoFunny Election Video I haven’t gone to any […]

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presidential elections: Mario Cuomo edition

by meanlouise December 15, 2008 politics

Let’s pretend that 10 months out of every 48 are the Presidential election campaign cycle. I know, i live in an elaborate fantasy world, but just work with me. Husband spends those 10 months feeding like a tick on the every move of the candidates. He watches the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses like sporting […]

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