Lotus time!

by meanlouise July 23, 2013 true life 2013

IMG_2678, originally uploaded by meanlouise. The end of July is generally a miserable time of year here in the mid-Atlantic region. It’s a million degrees out and the humidity hovers around a level my old boss, Dr. Noodles, refers to as “air that makes you feel like you’re breathing through a wet sock. Yum. It’s […]

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The Last American Indian Left on Earth

by meanlouise April 16, 2013 art

I’ve ranted endlessly about my my crowd-sourcing fatigue. I can’t figure out how to turn the volume of pitches down to a manageable level so filtering them ends up being all-or-nothing. I just don’t have the time or energy to read them all. Still, every now and again a project commands my attention. Sometimes, I’m […]

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Get Focused

by meanlouise February 13, 2012 art

The nice folks from the Future of Music Coalition are spreading the word about a paid focus group this week: Are you a musician, visual artist, dancer, actor, filmmaker or other artist living in the DC area? Are you interested in making $50? If you answered YES to both questions, we invite you to participate […]

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The banana trees meet Hurricane Irene

by meanlouise August 27, 2011 true life 2011

The banana trees are frantically banging on the 2nd floor windows as though begging to be let in out of the storm. Poor banana trees. [embedded video] The wind is starting to pick up, hopefully the banana trees won’t get their wish as the storm progresses tonight.

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Performance art gone wrong

by meanlouise May 17, 2011 art

When I saw that Philippa Hughes was hosting a performance artist in her apartment for a week as an experimental art piece (Art is Fear) about the relationship between artist and collector, I was intrigued. I’ve been too busy to check in and see how it’s going. Yesterday’s piece in the Washington Post by Kriston […]

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Wordless Wednesday, now on Thursday!

by meanlouise March 31, 2011 flickr

IMG_5273, originally uploaded by meanlouise. IMG_5246, originally uploaded by meanlouise. IMG_5236, originally uploaded by meanlouise.

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wordless wednesday: pennsylvania avenue

by meanlouise March 16, 2011 flickr

365, originally uploaded by meanlouise.

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Pat meets ghosts

by meanlouise October 30, 2010 true life 2010

Pat Padua has been blogging about ghosts so I don’t have to. He’s also got a post over at DCist about some local ghost tours.

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Artomatic construction webcam

by meanlouise March 5, 2009 artomatic

It’s not really an Artomatic webcam, but it is a live webcam of the construction progress on the 2009 Artomatic building, located at 55 M Street SE. This is what it looks like tonight: Artomatic will be open May 29th – July 5, 2009. Sign up for ArtoNews to stay informed.

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George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic, Dan Auerbach, and Lucinda Williams walk into a bar…

by meanlouise March 4, 2009 music

…just not on the same night. I think we’ve spent more time at the 9:30 Club in the last few days than in all of last year, total. Mind you, I was abducted by aliens (or possibly artomatic) last year, so that’s all a blur and maybe doesn’t count. Well, whatever. We’ve been supporting live […]

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