Our Dairy Godmother at American Food Roots

by meanlouise July 17, 2013 DMV

I keep forgetting to post this fun little interview with our Dairy Godmother that’s on the American Food Roots blog: “Frozen custard is a Wisconsin treat.”

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I knew the random bottle of banana liquor I found in the cabinet would find a purpose

by meanlouise June 3, 2011 food and drink

Ezra Pound Cake makes “Banana Pudding for Grownups.”

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I'm going to hell, I hope they serve tater tots

by meanlouise September 21, 2009 food and drink

You know who annoys me more than newly converted Jesus freaks? Newly converted dieters. Today I was just trying to go to CVS to get some Tylenol when I was pounced on by “nutritional consultants” handing out samples of some new pom-soy-who knows what “nutrition” bar. I declined and said, “I’d rather just eat the […]

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Ray's Hell Burger

by meanlouise May 7, 2009 artomatic

I was both relieved and disappointed that my lunch meeting at Ray’s Hell Burger got postponed at the last minute on the same day the President and his Trusty Sidekick decided to drop by for lunch. The Daily Show coverage of the coverage is pretty funny: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th […]

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less successful late night snack ideas

by meanlouise March 15, 2009 true life 2009

We’re pretty sure that the really drunk guy on 6th Street was trying to convince his friends to go get some fish tacos. However, what he kept saying was, “fish nachos.” His friends were less enthusiastic. I find the concept of fish nachos repugnant yet hilarious, but I’ve been at cocktail parties since 5:00 so […]

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possibly the best pickled beet packaging ever

by meanlouise January 16, 2009 food and drink

Probably one of the funniest product names we’ve ever seen: Phat Beets. We saw them at Whole Foods and, for 7.99 a jar we certainly didn’t buy them.

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seeing as it's gastronomic in nature…

by meanlouise January 13, 2009 food and drink

Today’s squirrel-blogging is over at the meatblog. Thanks to EvilAgent for the link!

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Husband has been studying the bible. The curry bible, of course

by meanlouise December 24, 2008 food and drink

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that generalized references to “curry” drive Husband insane? I just restored an archived post from 2004 on the subject that made me laugh. For Christmas – Hanukkah – Festivus – his Birthday I just got him a copy of Madhur Jaffrey’s (out of print) Curries to Kebab: […]

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Pumpkin spice cake

by meanlouise November 27, 2008 food and drink

I definitely recommend this pumpkin spice cake recipe. I don’t like frosting so I didn’t make the frosting, so I can’t say whether that’s good or not.

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Greetings, St. Louis

by meanlouise November 18, 2008 food and drink

It’s been so lovely to have so many nice visitors to my blog from Missouri. I’m a little slow in mentioning it, but I was pleased to have been linked by a blog from the Riverfront Times (the free alternative weekly for the St. Louis area) back in October. Even if it was to a […]

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