wild kingdom

Chicken Police

by meanlouise August 13, 2013 wild kingdom

I love the chicken police.

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John Oliver on Shark Week

by meanlouise August 8, 2013 science!

“Sharks, Lies & Videotape” – The Daily Show, August 7, 2013.

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Shark Weak

by meanlouise August 5, 2013 science!

Megalodon fossil cast, image by MeanLouise. edited at 8:20 p.m. to update some links. The Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week opened last night with a pseudo-documentary that is so abysmal that the words “fraudulent” and “bullshit” and “lies” are among the kinder assessments I’ve seen thus far. And I haven’t even looked very far. The […]

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I can control o/possums WITH MY MIND

by meanlouise August 3, 2013 true life 2013

Image of North American O/possum By Cody Pope (Wikipedia:User:Cody.pope) [CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons. I can control opossums. With my mind. With my mind, people. My mind. Incidentally, since I can’t decide whether to use “possum” or “opossum” I’ve decided to go with o/possum from now on. The o/possums will understand. I don’t know how useful […]

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On the subject of primates: Curious George, monkey or ape?

by meanlouise June 24, 2013 anthropology

As a child, I ran a bit hot and cold on the whole Curious George issue. I loved him when I was 5 and devoured all the books in short order (I was a precocious reader). In the first grade, much to the chagrin of our school librarian, I found the situation of a monkey […]

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Kittens love Liam Neeson

by meanlouise May 22, 2013 true life 2013

I made the mistake of letting the kittens watch Taken last night. Kittens, it turns out, love Liam Neeson movies. They spent the duration of the movie alternately stalking the TV and napping on the airbed so I thought we’d at least dodged the nightly 2 hour KittenCrazyFest. I was mistaken. Just as I got […]

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who gave those wild animals the silly idea that they were entitled to live in their habitat?

by meanlouise May 19, 2013 florida files

I was drinking coffee and watching sandhill cranes by the lake this morning when a woman, who obviously lives in the neighborhood, let her yaptastic dog scare them off. Well, you don’t scare a 4 foot tall bird away so much as you annoy it into leaving. I rather jealously wished I could fly away […]

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Don’t those birds know it’s 5 a.m.?

by meanlouise May 15, 2013 true life 2013

Crowley, the catbird king of my hell and his or her friend, Mr. Crazybird, have been joined by an entire flock of friends. These lunatic birds apparently have nothing better to do than have raucous conversations at 5:00. In the morning. Did you know there are two of those every day? Only one of them […]

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by meanlouise May 11, 2013 cyberculture

Some youtube videos of cats. Just because. [embedded video: Sad Cat Diary] [embedded video: The Pattycake Cats (original)] I also love this version, which is in French with English subtitles and contains different, but equally amusing, dialogue. [embedded video: Dansons la capucine] Here’s a gratuitous link to the Finch and the Pea’s Science Caturday posts […]

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Smoking vulture brains: what could possibly go wrong? (hint: everything)

by meanlouise April 30, 2013 wild kingdom

It’s hard to convince people to read stories about vultures, even stories about the endangered status of 7 out of 9 South African species due to the fact that people are smoking vulture brains to try to make themselves clairvoyant, so I’ll give you the whole final paragraph as a pull-quote to entice you to […]

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