Wonder Woman Rewatch Index

July 4, 2017

Introduction: The Great Wonder Woman Rewatch

Season One

  • The Wonder Woman Opening Title Sequence, Season 1
  • Lights! Camera! Accent!
  • The Hidden Tribute to Nazi Spies in DC
  • Gone Fishing? No, we’ve gone (Carrie) Fisher instead

    1 This Woman Punches Nazis: “The New Original Wonder Woman.”
    2 The Perils of Unwomanly Behavior: “Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther.”
    3 All Women Can Do Wonders: “Fausta, The Nazi Wonder Woman.”
    4 If Only There Was a Merit Badge for Being Fantastic: “Beauty on Parade.”
    5 A Wonder Woman Special Event: The Feminum Mystique – Part 1.”
    6 The Wonder Woman Special Event Continues with…”The Feminum Mystique – Part 2.”
    7 Going Ape in “Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua.”
    8 “The Pluto File.”
    9 All the Virtues of Femininity With None of the Vices: “The Last of the 2 Dollar Bills.”
    10 “Judgement from Outer Space, Part 1.”
    11 The Disease of Racial Childhood: “Judgment from Outer Space, Part 2.”
    12 At least it’s not the XPJ1: “Formula 407.”
    13 Don’t get excited, it’s not porn: “The Bushwhackers.”
    14 And Now, The Exciting Conclusion of Wonder Woman’s 1st Season: “Wonder Woman in Hollywood.”

    Season Two

  • The New Adventures of Wonder Woman: Season Two