planet of the apes

The Ricardo Montalban Time Travel Paradox

by meanlouise July 10, 2014 monkeys (also: apes)

We spent Christmas quality family time with the 5 original Planet of the Apes movies. (Seven months later, I found this post in my drafts folder). You’d think we’d have these movies memorized by now, but when you’re dealing with such a sprawling franchise things get a bit hazy, even for Highly Trained Professionals such […]

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by meanlouise April 19, 2013 academia

As I hurtle towards the inevitable end of the semester, it’s a good time to polish up some of the drafts that have been piling up. Instant content, just add coffee. Yes. Well. In my Anthropological Research Design seminar this semester we’ve been, um, designing research. Specifically, ethnographic research. (As a biological anthropologist, this is […]

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That disturbance in the Force Martha Stewart feels every day is just me waking up

by meanlouise March 9, 2013 food and drink

[embedded image: post-smoothie cleanup operation] This morning I decided to make a green tea fruit smoothie because I had a large quantity of frozen fruit. This is not rocket surgery. You put fruit, green tea, honey and lime juice in a blender. Then you paint the ceiling with the smoothie when you accidentally turn the […]

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Why have a gorilla leap off a building and into a helicopter in mid-air if you’re not going to show it to us in 3D?

by meanlouise July 25, 2011 monkeys (also: apes)

[embedded: Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer] I’m still aggravated by the mess Tim Burton made with his PotA remake, but I have high hopes for Rise of the Plant of the Apes because the trailer looks cool. I think a lot of movies come out in 3D that don’t need to be […]

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Dave Petraeus, a singing orangutan & a dog who looks like Donald Trump walk into a bar….

by meanlouise April 28, 2011 culture

The changes at the CIA are serious bizness. Consequently, it’s a little annoying that everytime I read something about David Petraeus I picture him dancing around dressed like an orangutan. It’s because of this: The Daily Show – Iraq Me Dave Petraeus – SenateTags: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on […]

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A world where apes evolved from men

by meanlouise February 23, 2007 monkeys (also: apes)

“Chimps make spears to catch dinner – Wooden weapons are a first in animal kingdom.” They’re coming for us next. As soon as they meet Ricardo Montalban and teach their friends to talk, we’re totally screwed.

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Ponch and John on the Planet of the Apes

by meanlouise July 20, 2001 movies

If we don’t go to the movies tonight, maybe I’ll get out my pixelvision camera and make my own movie. We bought a lot of Chips action figures from a clearance bin so we can create a world of Ponch and John clones. I think the Ponch and John might be fixing Georgetown University Barbie […]

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If they make it, I will watch

by meanlouise June 3, 2001 movies

I enjoyed the Jaws reissue on DVD so much the other night that I felt compelled to watch the Jaws 2 reissue. I rented this one, I did not buy it. Let’s be clear – I may be crazy but I’m not stupid. Jaws 2 was pretty awful. I knew it was bad going in, […]

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