Homemade Movies: Death Star Trench Run

by meanlouise July 2, 2013 cyberculture

Have you watched the Cinefix Homemade Movies of the the Death Star Trench Run scene from Star Wars: Episode IV? Trust me, even if you think this idea is dumb, stick with it until about the 2nd minute and the genius of it will slowly be revealed to you. [embedded video:

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Smitten with kittens

by meanlouise May 17, 2013 true life 2013

You’d think they’d wear themselves out doing this all day long. You’d be mistaken.

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by meanlouise May 11, 2013 cyberculture

Some youtube videos of cats. Just because. [embedded video: Sad Cat Diary] [embedded video: The Pattycake Cats (original)] I also love this version, which is in French with English subtitles and contains different, but equally amusing, dialogue. [embedded video: Dansons la capucine] Here’s a gratuitous link to the Finch and the Pea’s Science Caturday posts […]

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Calvin and Hobbes: The Adult Years

by meanlouise April 13, 2013 humor

This is much more entertaining than BloodMonkey. Shorter, too. What if Calvin of “Calvin and Hobbes” fame grew up? And what if, instead of leaving behind his talking tiger and visions of dinosaurs and life in outer space, those visions followed him, slowly turning him insane? [embedded link: Gritty Reboots presents Calvin & Hobbes: The […]

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R.I.P. Roger Ebert

by meanlouise April 4, 2013 movies

The upside to not being online much today is that some of the really good Roger Ebert eulogies and the best scenes from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls had all arrived in my “pop culture junkies” twitter list by the time I sat down to write this. The downside is that all this stuff […]

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Godzilla Wednesday

by meanlouise December 26, 2012 humor

I know I’ve blogged this before, so I suspect that my search is malfunctioning. Just in case, here it is again: Safety first!

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by meanlouise September 24, 2012 true life 2012

Each time I try to summon words to describe seeing Aung San Suu Kyi speak in person, I fail. So instead, I’m posting a video of a bulldog on a trampoline, because I can’t stop watching it. [embedded video]

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Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman

by meanlouise August 18, 2012 art

If you have 7 minutes to kill and you love Alan Rickman, you’ll really love this: [embedded video: epic tea time with alan rickman]

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Ace Power!

by meanlouise July 26, 2012 seriously?

Before the Humpicizer, falling in front of the couch was a leading cause of humiliation for young Korean women. [embedded video: Ace Power] (I may have stolen the term “humpicizer” from The Soup, which used the name in a teaser last night but then didn’t show the clip).

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“On WTVR CBS 6 in Richmond, VA, weatherman Aaron Justus provides the last weather forecast you’ll ever need.”

by meanlouise July 1, 2012 humor

There’s an outside chance I’m overly tired, but right at this moment THIS is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

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