by meanlouise September 16, 2010 art

Depending who you ask, Rodarte’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy are either the most wildly over-rated avant garde fashion designers working today or they’re incredible mad geniuses. Personally, I tend to lean towards “mad geniuses” but I consider black a color and once spent a ridiculous amount of time constructing a garment out of carefully hand-dyed […]

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The Uniform Project

by meanlouise May 21, 2010 culture

I love the Uniform Project, I’m so happy CNN gave it some love this week as part of Anderson Cooper’s One Simple Thing series.

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Tim Gunn critiques superheroes

by meanlouise April 21, 2010 pop culture

CrazySexyGeeks shot a series of short videos of Tim Gunn sitting down with pop culture historian Alan Kistler to talk about the fashion choices of a variety of superheroes. Part One looks at Mr. Miracle, Star Sapphire, Power Girl, Catwoman, Spider-Man and Batwoman. If you want to see other CSG episodes with Tim Gunn, check […]

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oh stella, stella, stella

by meanlouise September 24, 2009 true life 2009

Burlap isn’t really the new black, so knock it the fuck off.

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At long last we find the impulse for our Galactica 1980 marathon

by meanlouise February 23, 2009 Galactica1980

We realized people have Oscars-watching parties because it’s the only way to make the damned things entertaining. Poor Hugh Jackman. He tried so hard, but he was doomed by the dreadful material he had to work with. We were embarrassed for him during that opening number. Husband and I decided it was time, time to […]

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Maybe if your bridesmaids are 12 years old…

by meanlouise February 19, 2009 seriously?

Today’s Washington Post Style section “Shopper” column is “The To-Do Before the ‘I Do’.” It’s a lot of blahblahblah, until the bit about bridesmaid dresses. This is what it says: The days of cringe-worthy bridal party frocks are over as more designers turn out options worthy of donning post-wedding. This is the $290 dress from […]

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In much fluffier so-called news

by meanlouise September 30, 2008 seriously?

Jezebel supplies a much-needed laugh: “A 15-year-old punk and a 15-year-old dandy are in a fight to the death. The battleground: the hide of Lenny Kravitz.”

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damn, damn, damn

by meanlouise September 21, 2008 seriously?

Last year I was obsessed with a pair of boots. They were $250 so I decided to wait until they went on sale. Then they were featured in Lucky as must-have boots. This means that they not only never went on sale last year, they became hard to find. Zappos, when they had them in […]

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Oh, Thom Browne

by meanlouise February 8, 2007 pop culture

If I could link to it directly, I’d post a picture from Thom Browne’s NY Fashion Week runway show. It’s a picture of a guy in a suit with an ill-fitting jacket. I think he’s supposed to be an elf because he’s wearing a hat that hangs almost to his ankle and has a pompom […]

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I don't make new year's resolutions, but if I did…

by meanlouise December 31, 2003 true life 2003

…I suppose mine would be fairly modest for the new year. Ruling the world and inserting the phrase “burlap is the new black” into the fashion lexicon would be enough to aspire for, I think. (edited to remove errant code and insert new tags)

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