squirrel beer?

by meanlouise July 13, 2013 squirrels

I wish I knew why this image file was hanging around on my desktop. If it was in a press kit it would be in the press kit folder. I must have put it on my desktop for a reason – I keep that space pretty tidy and minimalistic, so I presume one of you […]

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Sinister + Squirrels

by meanlouise April 11, 2013 movies

Sinister scared me witless. In honor of the Washington Post’s squirrel week, here’s my review of Sinister, which has almost nothing to do with squirrels but almost everything to do with why I’m never going into our attic ever again. This (Hollywood) cheap horror movie riffs on found footage, snuff films, voyeurs, arrogant writers, technology, […]

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Crime scene shenanigans

by meanlouise November 18, 2012 squirrels

After we disposed of the body & cleaned up the bloody crime scene, NeighborCat and I agreed to be friends. The portly squirrel whose entrails NeighborCat had strung so festively around my patio will not be missed by many.

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Catch and release

by meanlouise August 29, 2012 squirrels

Last week we went to a party at the zoo. While we watched the adult cheetahs chow down on rabbits, the keepers told us that cheetahs are site-hunters, so if a potential meal stops moving they tend to lose interest. After a few cocktails, it occurred to me that it would be a great idea […]

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Squirrel Week 2012 is upon us

by meanlouise April 7, 2012 squirrels

Washington Post columnist John Kelly kicks off his Squirrel Week 2012 series with a column about white squirrels.

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Wordless Wednesday: Sunflower meets squirrel

by meanlouise August 3, 2011 squirrels

Sunflowers, July 15, 2011, originally uploaded by meanlouise. July 15, 2011 Large sunflower bud (at left), originally uploaded by meanlouise. July 21, 2011 Eric & the Large Sunflower, originally uploaded by meanlouise. July 23, 2011 Large Sunflower open, originally uploaded by meanlouise. [embedded video: Squirrel versus Sunflower August 1, 2011 The Carnage, originally uploaded by […]

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Squirrel vs Lamborghini

by meanlouise July 6, 2011 squirrels

Haven’t posted any squirrel videos in a while, so here you go: [embedded youtube video: GO Squirrel GO!!! one lucky squirrel with a close call with a Lamborghini LP670-4 SV]

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Emily the Pink Squirrel

by meanlouise March 5, 2011 crafty

Emily the Pink Squirrel, originally uploaded by meanlouise. Thanks, Beth!

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Are you ready? Today is National Squirrel Appreciation Day

by meanlouise January 21, 2011 holiday cheer

Faith informed me that January 21, 2011 is “National Squirrel Appreciation Day.” Remarkably, I’ve never blogged about this. Or I have and I’ve forgotten and it’s in the lost portion of the archives. Either way, I’m posting about it now. After a bit of googling, I tracked down the origins of this festive day. Apparently, […]

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I'd like to be appalled, but it's too hot out to care

by meanlouise July 23, 2010 squirrels

As reported in the Telegraph, and a million other places, BrewDog created a special edition cask for it’s End of History Ale. (Hello, clever publicity stunt, your mother is calling). The Ale is sold out, but I can tell you where you can get some squirrels if you’d like to try your hand at replicating […]

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