Artomatic Picks: Lenny Campello

by meanlouise June 1, 2012 art

Gallerist/Collector/Artist/Blogger Lenny Campello posted his Artomatic 2012 review. This is our favorite part: Made Me Hungry Award – Rebecca Gordon has unexpectedly beautiful photographs of bacon on the 10th floor. Don’t forget – tomorrow night is Meat The Artist night. We’ll be in or around our room on the 10th floor from at least 7 […]

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Artomatic Picks: Andy Cleavenger

by meanlouise May 29, 2012 art

I’m slowly making my way through Artomatic and plan to have a couple different picks lists assembled by this weekend to assist my friends and neighbors who’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the size of the show. Ill-health has slowed me down a bit, but while I get my act together, enjoy Andy’s list. There […]

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Dear Reservoir Carl

by meanlouise May 18, 2012 artomatic

Longtime readers knew Carl Cordell as Reservoir Carl, a nickname I stuck to him in 2007 before I ever even met him, based on a photo I saw of the Peeps diorama he made for the Washington Post Peeps Diorama contest. Fortunately, he thought it was funny. This birthday post I wrote about him 2 […]

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Bacon @ Artomatic

by meanlouise May 18, 2012 art

Artomatic is back and this year I’m not in charge of anything except my own art. You may have noticed that bacon icon in the right-hand column of this page. Did you check it out to see where it leads?

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I am so tired.

by meanlouise May 6, 2012 true life 2012

Do you know the kind of tired I mean? The kind of tired that makes toast seem like too much work. The kind of tired that leads to very bad laundry decisions. The kind of tired that makes you think, “EVERY kindle should come pre-loaded with a copy of A Prayer for Owen Meany” and […]

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artomatic update + real life horror: fractured foot edition

by meanlouise October 8, 2010 artomatic

This story is so tragic it could almost be a country song. About a year ago, I developed a stress fracture. (That’s not the tragic part). It healed eventually, but then I developed a neuroma and/or some tendinitis. (That’s not the tragic part, either). My foot apparently didn’t heal properly and now my right foot […]

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Artomatic Happy Hour & May Metro Music Source networking event

by meanlouise May 18, 2010 artomatic

Wednesday the 19th brings the return of the Artomatic Happy Hour: Artomatic Happy Hour Wednesday, May 19 5pm – 7pm Bistro Bistro 1727 Connecticut Ave, NW Also on Wednesday, Dave Mallen, founder of Innovation Station Music, hosts a monthly music business networking event at Whitlows on Wilson. I’m super-lazy today so I’m going to copy/paste […]

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How Peeps turned a regular automobile mechanic into part of the backbone of the Washington, DC art scene

by meanlouise May 7, 2010 art

Reservoir Peeps (for 2007 Washington Post contest), originally uploaded by karlmek. Today, we celebrate the birth of Reservoir Carl. Reservoir Carl was born a small child. He grew up to become the deeply weird and intense character we know today. Along the way, it was Marshmallow Peeps that showed Reservoir Carl his destiny. On a […]

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Pay attention. Do it now. Or else.

by meanlouise March 12, 2010 artomatic

Last year, Artomatic was runner-up for Best Arts Festival in Washington City Paper’s Best of DC issue. This year – WE CAN WIN IF YOU VOTE! Please vote for Artomatic for Best DC Arts Festival + share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and email. Use this link: Everything you do to help – big […]

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This is the end, my friends…

by meanlouise July 5, 2009 artomatic

This is it, the last day of Artomatic 2009. By the 4th weekend we’d surpassed our previous visitor numbers. By the time this – our 6th, and final, weekend, began – we’d surpassed an attendance number the Board never thought possible. As soon as we release the numbers, I’ll post them. In the meantime, you […]

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