Berkeley and the Marines

by meanlouise February 10, 2008 news

I’ve gotten lots of requests for comments about the ongoing situation involving [tag]Marine recruiting[/tag], the city of [tag]Berkeley[/tag], and Federal Legislators threatening to punish citizens by withholding money from, among other things, the schools. I’m not there, so I can’t comment directly on the situation. I may not even understand the situation at all, for […]

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Phil Nesmith in the WaPo: "From Baghdad, Pictures of Peace"

by meanlouise January 10, 2008 art

Nothing has exploded and no one is wounded in Phil Nesmith’s photographs of Iraq. And that might be the most extraordinary thing about his show, opening Saturday at Irvine Contemporary. “My Baghdad” chronicles Nesmith’s two trips to the war zone in ambrotypes– hazy, antique-looking images created on glass plates. The surprisingly placid images were shot […]

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Free Burma: International Bloggers' Day for Burma

by meanlouise October 4, 2007 politics

I know that Free Burma, who’ve organized the “one blog post” campaign, want participants to post the graphic in lieu of a real post today, but I’m not very good at following directions so I’d like to direct you to the website of the [tag]U.S. Campaign for Burma[/tag], which I believe is one of the […]

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Tomorrow I'll get back to The Silliness

by meanlouise September 11, 2007 news

Today, the options seem to be despair or hope. I’ll pick hope. Here’s a link to [tag]The People Speak[/tag], a program that developed out of the [tag]United Nations Foundation[/tag]. The initiative brings young people together to debate current events issues in a structured environment and the website strives to create “…a community of young people […]

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Beware the Quakers. First, they lull you into submission with their oats…

by meanlouise August 21, 2007 politics

The [tag]ACLU[/tag] has an extensive section on their website dedicated to [tag]domestic spying[/tag]. The whole situation is deeply troubling and I don’t wish to make light of it, but something in an October press release caught my eye: Also included in the documents is information on a series of protests mistakenly identified as taking place […]

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sensitive war on terror, journalistic double-standards and junior terrorists

by meanlouise August 27, 2004 politics

John Kerry, speaking before the Unity Journalists of Color Convention in DC, noted we need to fight a more sensitive war on terror. Dick Cheney and other closed-minded folk on the right had a field day with these remarks. How come so far the Daily Show is the only one to note that W said […]

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It's true, not all Southerners are closed-minded bigots

by meanlouise July 8, 2004 politics

From How can I ever thank all of you who went to see it? These records are mind-blowing. They have sent shock waves through Hollywood – and, more importantly, through the White House. But it didn’t just stop there. The response to the movie then went into the Twilight Zone. Surfing through the dial […]

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Farenheit 9-11

by meanlouise June 26, 2004 movies

Laura and I didn’t get to the theater to pick up our tickets in time to sit together so we had to split up. During the previews, I convinced the geezers I was sitting with to see Metallica: Some Kind of Monster. That was fun. The guy who was sitting in front of me works […]

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Billionaires for Bush are back in action

by meanlouise May 27, 2004 politics

I’m in love. Again.

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everything old is…even older again. wait…

by meanlouise April 21, 2004 politics

Recently I saw footage of the Gulf War Protests in Lafayette Park. No, not this Gulf War, the the first one. Deja vu all over again, as the joke goes. I’m feeling kind of shallow today, so rather than pose tough questions about our oil-crazed foreign policy initiatives, I’m instead going to tell you what […]

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