by meanlouise April 19, 2013 academia

As I hurtle towards the inevitable end of the semester, it’s a good time to polish up some of the drafts that have been piling up. Instant content, just add coffee. Yes. Well. In my Anthropological Research Design seminar this semester we’ve been, um, designing research. Specifically, ethnographic research. (As a biological anthropologist, this is […]

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How the King Cobra Maintains Its Reign

by meanlouise October 27, 2010 nature

Yesterday’s Science Times had a cool article about cobras, “How the King Cobra Maintains Its Reign.” (Don’t click that link if you don’t like pictures of snakes). I wanted to post a link to that article because I thought it was interesting. It popped up because I have a google alert set for cobras, not […]

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sea serpent!

by meanlouise February 13, 2010 nature

I was going to go with a scientific – or at least vaguely sensible – title, but it’s early and I’m lazy. Here’s the Serpent Project website. Here’s a picture of a dead oarfish that washed up in Perth 5 years ago. Here’s the Sea Serpent page at Shadowlands, probably one of the oldest cryptozoology […]

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by meanlouise September 7, 2009 nature

The Natural Capital has a post about dragonflies. I think the pictures they chose are awesome, but the fact that one of them is mine might have played a teensy-tiny role in my pronouncement. I was catching up on their site and I see that, more recently, they posted a nice little piece about goldfinches. […]

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goldfinch butts

by meanlouise September 24, 2008 nature

The view out my window every morning: I don’t trust people who don’t love finches.

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World Parrot Trust, Lori on DCist, & Talk Like a Pirate Day

by meanlouise September 19, 2008 nature

I just spent an hour completely hypnotized by the World Parrot Trust website. You should go and learn about Parrot conservation efforts and look at the pretty pictures. Speaking of pretty pictures, hooray for Lori, who had one of her nice photos posted on DCist yesterday. Also, happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. This is […]

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Obligatory snakehead post

by meanlouise September 3, 2008 nature

I’ve been thinking I was overdue for a snakehead post, and surprised to see it’s been over a year since they last made an appearance here. Too bad that isn’t the case the Potomac river and it’s tributaries haven’t been so lucky, as evidenced by the recent discover of two adult snakeheads and 165 babies. […]

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Lotuses and Artscape and X, oh my!

by meanlouise July 18, 2008 art

Tomorrow is the High Holy Day known more commonly as the Water Lily and Lotus Asian Culture Festival at the beloved (at least in our house) Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. Today, Saturday and Sunday Artscape takes over a big chunk of Baltimore. For those who don’t want Visual Art messing with their musical experience, there’s also […]

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Dr Splatt

by meanlouise June 29, 2008 nature

After a bit of a hiatus, it appears that the Roadkill Project is back online. (And for some reason you can send roadkill-related postcards, in case you enjoy that sort of thing).

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I'll believe this when it really happens

by meanlouise June 24, 2008 florida files

“Florida to Buy Sugar Maker in Bid to Restore Everglades.” I’m deeply curious to hear what JunglePete has to say about this. He hasn’t blogged about it yet, I think he’s busy photoshopping my head onto this image. Who the hell left him in charge of the reunion book in the first place? I mean, […]

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