This is the Tivo of people who can’t be trusted to make good decisions

by meanlouise April 29, 2013 television

I’m super-excited because Husband is actually going to get a whole day off someday soon and we’re just going to binge on the Unholy Detritus on our Tivo until our brains melt. We’ll save The Manitou for last because it is without question one of the all-time great Bad Movies. Of all time.

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I am so tired.

by meanlouise May 6, 2012 true life 2012

Do you know the kind of tired I mean? The kind of tired that makes toast seem like too much work. The kind of tired that leads to very bad laundry decisions. The kind of tired that makes you think, “EVERY kindle should come pre-loaded with a copy of A Prayer for Owen Meany” and […]

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Oh tivo, we were getting along so well…

by meanlouise January 22, 2009 television

Oh tivo, we were getting along so well…, originally uploaded by meanlouise. Moments after I noted that OverLord II, our new Tivo, was getting to know us very well, it let me down completely by suggesting…Blitzer. *sigh* On a related note, Marc Fisher’s column contained this line today, Thousands of inaugural ticket holders ended up […]

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Birth announcement

by meanlouise December 18, 2008 true life 2008

Husband and I are proud to welcome the newest addition to our household: our new HD Tivo. Lacking creativity, I named it OverLord II. Being products of the 80s, we have that compulsion to append the phrase “electric boogaloo” every time we say OverLord 2, so I suspect we’ll be dropping the 2 soon enough […]

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Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby

by meanlouise March 9, 2008 humor

Our cable was out last night and Overlord, our Tivo, failed to record Ogre. Fortunately, the tense situation was resolved sometime just before midnight and a Torchwood crisis was narrowly averted. Later, Overlord recorded Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby. Once again, I am in the weird-feeling position of stating, “I like another Will […]

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it must be love

by meanlouise January 8, 2005 wild kingdom

Have you seen the stories on the baby hippo and giant land tortoise who’ve bonded? (That’s all I’ve got, my Tivo, OverLord, is demanding my full attention right now)

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