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pet psychics and biblical ichthyology

by meanlouise December 23, 2012 true life 2012

I’m trying to write an article about the genetically modified salmon developed by AquaBounty. What I want to know is this: do salmon who are being forced to grow abnormally fast suffer? Fish are animals and they feel pain, although these factors are frequently ignored. It’s the weekend before Christmas so it’s not the best […]

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Cai Guo-Qiang’s “Black Christmas Tree (Explosion Event)”

by meanlouise December 4, 2012 true life 2012

The Smithsonian’s Sackler Gallery of Art is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary with a series of events. On Friday, artist Cai Guo-Qiang got to blow up a 40 foot tall evergreen tree on the National Mall. Really. Cai, in case you haven’t been paying attention, is an accomplished contemporary artist who, among other things, designed the […]

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Wamapoke County Public Radio

by meanlouise December 3, 2012 humor

Parks and Recreation has done two fantastic sendups of public/community radio. I realize that making fun of public radio is like shooting fish in a barrel – it’s for that very reason that most spoofs just aren’t funny. I think most of these efforts fail because they hitch all of their jokes to the easy […]

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Crime scene shenanigans

by meanlouise November 18, 2012 squirrels

After we disposed of the body & cleaned up the bloody crime scene, NeighborCat and I agreed to be friends. The portly squirrel whose entrails NeighborCat had strung so festively around my patio will not be missed by many.

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by meanlouise November 3, 2012 true life 2012

The presidential campaign season has broken me.

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Poltergeist 3: The scariest movie ever made

by meanlouise October 31, 2012 true life 2012

Poltergeist 3. 1988. Shoulder pads. Aqua Net. Polo shirts, popped collars, buttoned up to the neck. Enough said. There is no god.

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by meanlouise October 28, 2012 true life 2012

Sandy, the impending Frankenstorm, is bad for all kinds of reasons. It’s also annoying, in that I couldn’t’t hang the ghosts I made last year out on the porch. I’ve realized I can hang them in my office window and light them up so they look super-creepy from outside. Bonus: the only window I could […]

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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

by meanlouise October 20, 2012 true life 2012

As I was walking back from my local farmer’s market this morning, drivers kept honking and waving. Pedestrians and cyclists were also happy to see me, it seemed. I was thinking, “Wow, the neighborhood is super-extra-friendly today!” It was only when I was close to home and a woman waiting to cross at the light […]

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Like a Lovecraftian heroine, I find myself coated in slime

by meanlouise October 3, 2012 books + libraries

[embedded video: coughs & sneezes] I can’t recall ever being sneezed on. Not by another human being, anyway. Horses, dogs and cats? Yes. Another person? No. Not until Friday night. I was minding my own business, sitting in the front row of a packed concert hall, listening to Neil Gaiman speak at George Mason University’s […]

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by meanlouise September 24, 2012 true life 2012

Each time I try to summon words to describe seeing Aung San Suu Kyi speak in person, I fail. So instead, I’m posting a video of a bulldog on a trampoline, because I can’t stop watching it. [embedded video]

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