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Happy New Year!

by meanlouise December 31, 2013 florida files

image: meanlouise A visit to Fort Myers beach (that included dinner with the JunglePete Family) before heading back up to Sarasota for some wandering around Lido Key was an excellent way for Husband and I to conclude a year that swooshed by incredibly fast. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go create a […]

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Solstice + the Bechdel Test Post

by meanlouise December 21, 2013 pop culture

Happy Solstice, everyone! Are you here because of one of the kind tweets about my recent post, Thinking about the Bechdel Test? Thank you to to everyone who has commented or (re)tweeted or dropped me an email. The response has been amazing and overwhelming and I appreciate all (well, most) of the feedback. I forgot […]

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Skylights in the Shower

by meanlouise December 20, 2013 true life 2013

Florida builders have been making epically bad home design decisions since the first Spaniards hauled their sorry hides onto these shores 500 years ago. Somewhere along the way, some builder said, “Hey, let’s put skylights over the showers in these ‘villas’ to distract from the fact that the bathrooms are in the dead center of […]

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Gift Chicken Confessions

by meanlouise November 28, 2013 true life 2013

I think the Bloggess is great. I wish her only the best. Even if I have spent the last few years fending off the occasional plagiarism or copy-cat allegation from her fans for things I wrote years before she started blogging. I want to be very clear: I think she’s hilarious and I don’t hold […]

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Pocket Chewbacca

by meanlouise November 26, 2013 horror & scifi

On Saturday night, things were wild here. Husband had a gig and I read about Godzilla until my brain was full. Then, it was time for the television. At MAPACA, one of the my co-panelists presented an interesting paper on the Paranormal Activity movies, so they were on my mind. I really enjoyed the first […]

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Urban Legends, Halloween Candy edition

by meanlouise October 31, 2013 academia

My neighborhood gets pretty festive for Christmas, but I find the amount of time and money that goes into Halloween is staggering. Fun, but a bit crazy. I love Halloween and, admittedly, I require vigilant adult supervision in the Halloween aisles so that I don’t cart home every single novelty item pertaining to bones or […]

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Blue Fig

by meanlouise October 24, 2013 true life 2013

Our Tivo, Overlord II, protects our delicate sensibilities from the ravages of crass commercialism. We had to catch up on a show recently by watching a missed episode on Hulu and we were barraged with ads for blue fig and orange blossom scented body lotion. There is something about the nonsensicalness of blue fig scented […]

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Bow down to our Kaiju-kid overlords

by meanlouise October 21, 2013 television

My trolls are making me tired so I’ve closed comments for now. I actually did this a week ago, after I deleted most of the brawl on the Tomorrow People post because it was getting into territory that was both morally and legally murky. Plus the pseudoscience was causing me pain. I left the first […]

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by meanlouise September 12, 2013 true life 2013

If something is actually hilarious, then say that. Say it’s hilarious. If it’s not truly hilarious, don’t say it’s “sort of hilarious.” This may be my new pet peeve, because I believe that “sort of hilarious” is something we already have a perfectly good word for: “funny.” I’m all for synonyms and fancy turns of […]

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Barnyard epithets

by meanlouise August 24, 2013 movies

I have this insane compulsion to read the Family Filmgoer ratings in the Washington Post weekend section. Last night I came across this gem of a rating for Paranoia. The film strongly implies murders and attempted murders, although not in graphic detail. Characters drink and smoke. Someone talks about “getting laid.” There are stylized, nongraphic […]

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