Bad Movies

This is the Tivo of people who can’t be trusted to make good decisions

by meanlouise April 29, 2013 television

I’m super-excited because Husband is actually going to get a whole day off someday soon and we’re just going to binge on the Unholy Detritus on our Tivo until our brains melt. We’ll save The Manitou for last because it is without question one of the all-time great Bad Movies. Of all time.

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Wrath of the Titans (Or, this movie sucks so much it will break your furnace)

by meanlouise February 9, 2013 movies

Wrath of the Titans is a clunky inept sequel to a clunky inept remake of a clunky inept movie from the 1980s. Young Boomers/older Gen Xers, who thought the original Clash of the Titans was great because they were young and impressionable when it first came out (and were probably stoned when they saw it) […]

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At Patience’s End

by meanlouise April 3, 2011 movies

We saw a trailer for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. In an fit of pop culture conformity we decided to watch the last two Pirates movies since we’d only seen the 1st one. We slogged through Dead Man’s Chest. Good movie? Not really, but it was fairly entertaining. We adore Bill Nighy and […]

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by meanlouise June 18, 2010 movies

I was restoring some more archives and I found the “review” I wrote for Hellbound, one of the all-time great terrible movies. I thought I’d post the trailer for this delightful piece of cinema and link back to that old review because this movie is a work of genius. Genius, I tell you.

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by meanlouise January 3, 2007 movies

Happy New Year! The stalker squirrel didn’t get me, but the movie Bloodrayne almost did. Like most films adapted from video games, Bloodrayne is great. If your definition of “great” is, of course, “poorly directed, ineptly shot, incoherently edited, and really seriously badly cast.” Through the judicious use of the fast forward button, you can […]

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by meanlouise February 1, 2004 movies

Last night I was listlessly watching the channel channel, the usual endless parade of crappy offerings scrolling round and round. Suddenly, a movie description yanked me out of my stupor. Something along the lines of “Chuck Norris as a Chicago cop trying to keep the evil sceptor out of the hands of the devil.” I […]

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admit it

by meanlouise July 30, 2003 movies

You want to see Gigli every bit as much as I do. “Review: Ben and J-Lo’s ‘Gigli’: It’s Turkey Time, Gobble, Gobble” It’s not so easy to make a great howler of a bad movie. In recent years, Madonna ‘s made more than her share: “Shanghai Surprise,” “Swept Away,” “Who’s That Girl,” among them. In […]

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Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter!!!

by meanlouise October 17, 2002 jesus files, the

I’m finally going to see Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter at the Jewish Community Center on Sunday night! It’s part of reel affirmations, which has lots of other cool movies, but this is the coolest. If I remember we bought tickets. I left work and forgot it was Atomic Night. Sorry folks. I still love you, […]

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Wild Wild West

by meanlouise July 2, 2001 movies

At the video store Saturday night I decided we should rent something really bad, try to find something to join Exorcist II et al in the Pantheon of Bad. We settled on Wild, Wild West. It wasn’t Bad, just bad; but it was a Bad Mistake to rent that sucker. First of all, everyone involved […]

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If they make it, I will watch

by meanlouise June 3, 2001 movies

I enjoyed the Jaws reissue on DVD so much the other night that I felt compelled to watch the Jaws 2 reissue. I rented this one, I did not buy it. Let’s be clear – I may be crazy but I’m not stupid. Jaws 2 was pretty awful. I knew it was bad going in, […]

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