Birth announcement

Husband and I are proud to welcome the newest addition to our household: our new HD Tivo. Lacking creativity, I named it OverLord II. Being products of the 80s, we have that compulsion to append the phrase “electric boogaloo” every time we say OverLord 2, so I suspect we’ll be dropping the 2 soon enough seeing as that joke got old in, oh, say, 1984.

In other (non)news, Valet Mag has actually tracked down a rather attractive tuxedo for under $500. Last year I made someone I live with give all of his tuxes to charity but I haven’t gotten around to finding him a new one. He and his dad are the same size so I wanted to check in with him before we did any actual shopping or called on the tailor. (Yes, that was all. All, as in more than 2. No, I don’t understand it either).

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  • Evil Agent

    you have boots, he has tuxes…go figure!?!?

  • rebecca

    At least I buy things like winter boots to wear, I have no idea why he has so many tuxedos since he never wears them.

  • Where is the Tivo registered? Booties or a scarf?