Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby

Our cable was out last night and Overlord, our Tivo, failed to record Ogre.

Fortunately, the tense situation was resolved sometime just before midnight and a Torchwood crisis was narrowly averted. Later, Overlord recorded Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby.

Once again, I am in the weird-feeling position of stating, “I like another Will Ferrell movie.” (Actually, I loveStranger Than Fiction).

We remembered hearing people carry on about how bad this movie was. We must not have been listening to the right people, because we thinks it’s funny as hell. It’s worth it just for the scene where the family has the prolonged dinnertable argument about whether they should be saying grace to “Baby Jesus” or “Grown-up Jesus” (or possibly even “Grownup Jesus with a Beard.” Priceless. Or Sacha Baron Cohen’s appearance as the French Formula One driver. Fantastic.

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  • The grandson taunting the grandpa “I’m gunna come at you like a spider-monkey”

    And if you’ve ever had a spider monkey come out you – you know this little monster means business. I bought the movie.

  • Ok you need to come visit then and watch Ogre with me. It’s DVRed in the bedroom. I’m sure you won’t mind the bed watching TV thing. Boris will assure we’re far apart, just in case. ;)

  • rebecca

    As long as your promise not to hit me with that cane anymore. I am actually going to la florida on wednesday and will be back the following week.

    Hey, speaking of a truckload of automatic weapons, guess who we saw the other day?

  • Just don’t look directly at it, you might turn to stone! Wait, you’re already, um, nevermind. I shouldn’t be making bad name puns.

  • rebecca

    The amazing thing is, I didn’t get that you were referring to him when i first read this.