I am not martha stewart

That disturbance in the Force Martha Stewart feels every day is just me waking up

by meanlouise March 9, 2013 food and drink

[embedded image: post-smoothie cleanup operation] This morning I decided to make a green tea fruit smoothie because I had a large quantity of frozen fruit. This is not rocket surgery. You put fruit, green tea, honey and lime juice in a blender. Then you paint the ceiling with the smoothie when you accidentally turn the […]

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Part II: more on “those” neighbors, with a digression into why I shouldn’t garden

by meanlouise May 13, 2011 true life 2011

So, after blogging about Dana’s post about being “those” neighbors, I’ve realized we really are “those” neighbors. I was showing off our swanky new exterior lifestyle areas, or whatever it is you call patios these days, to one of our neighbors. We rounded the corner and encountered the large walnut bookcase Husband and I have […]

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