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The Ricardo Montalban Time Travel Paradox

by meanlouise July 10, 2014 monkeys (also: apes)

We spent Christmas quality family time with the 5 original Planet of the Apes movies. (Seven months later, I found this post in my drafts folder). You’d think we’d have these movies memorized by now, but when you’re dealing with such a sprawling franchise things get a bit hazy, even for Highly Trained Professionals such […]

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Pocket Chewbacca

by meanlouise November 26, 2013 horror & scifi

On Saturday night, things were wild here. Husband had a gig and I read about Godzilla until my brain was full. Then, it was time for the television. At MAPACA, one of the my co-panelists presented an interesting paper on the Paranormal Activity movies, so they were on my mind. I really enjoyed the first […]

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Breaking Bad: A retrospective (no spoilers)

by meanlouise October 7, 2013 pop culture

There aren’t any spoilers because we’re about 3 seasons behind on our Breaking Bad viewing. Nevertheless, I’m posting my show-concluding thoughts and feelings because it’s the law. Here’s what I thought was the funniest thing about Breaking Bad: we couldn’t get any of our friends to watch it during the first season. The people we […]

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How we got here, or "12 days earlier"

by meanlouise May 20, 2010 pop culture

I can’t recall what we were watching last week when Husband and I decided that someone needs to place a moratorium on the use of flashbacks in TV shows. If you write Lost you get a pass on this one. That’s a given since it’s a) a show with lots of wacky time travel and […]

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Breaking Bad

by meanlouise April 2, 2008 television

Husband and I really like Vince Gilligan’s new show, Breaking Bad. It’s really hard to explain why it’s so entertaining. I don’t even know how you’d sell it to someone. It stars Bryan Cranston (the dad from Malcolm in the Middle) as Walt, a middle-aged Chemistry teacher in Albuquerque. He’s got terminal cancer, a teenage […]

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