Bacon @ Artomatic

by meanlouise May 18, 2012 art

Artomatic is back and this year I’m not in charge of anything except my own art. You may have noticed that bacon icon in the right-hand column of this page. Did you check it out to see where it leads?

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Haunted Houses

by meanlouise February 10, 2011 art

Recently, a loyal reader assured me she’d keep my secret. “Which one?” I asked, mostly joking. “That you’re also Andrea Janes, of course!” was his reply. This was, in part, his evidence: Andrea Janes is a native of Canada now living in New York City, where she spends most of her time writing ghost stories […]

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Phil Nesmith's Expedition to the Gulf Coast

by meanlouise June 4, 2010 art

Phil is an amazingly talented artist and an all-around good egg. Skip all those expensive lattes you’d otherwise drink next week and instead use that money to make a pledge:

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I hate artists

by meanlouise July 21, 2008 art

(sometimes) One evening a few months ago I was talking to a fairly young artist with a degenerative disease that is increasingly forcing her to rely on assistance with the tasks of daily living. As if this weren’t indignity enough, she’s also made the decision to change her focus from painting and drawing (media she’s […]

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Phil Nesmith in the WaPo: "From Baghdad, Pictures of Peace"

by meanlouise January 10, 2008 art

Nothing has exploded and no one is wounded in Phil Nesmith’s photographs of Iraq. And that might be the most extraordinary thing about his show, opening Saturday at Irvine Contemporary. “My Baghdad” chronicles Nesmith’s two trips to the war zone in ambrotypes– hazy, antique-looking images created on glass plates. The surprisingly placid images were shot […]

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