true life 2010

Bye-bye 2010

by meanlouise December 31, 2010 true life 2010

I don’t have a 2010 wrap-up post because I spent the day at the National Zoo with some of the cool kids. Also because I don’t do wrap-up posts. I’m going to upload lion cub pictures to flickr tomorrow because holy shit, that’s a whole lot of cuteness.

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Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

by meanlouise December 25, 2010 holiday cheer

Husband and I are looking forward to seeing Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. The Onion AV Club has a hilarious promotional video posted for the movie – “A Brief History of Santa Claus”. It’s definitely worth your time. Merry Christmas, kids!

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The people who most loudly profess that they have good manners usually don't

by meanlouise December 22, 2010 true life 2010

Mom and I were discussing cell phones and other etiquette conundrums. Mom remarked that her geezer pals get up in arms when their spawn or grand-spawn take every cell phone call they receive, regardless of what else they’re doing or who they’re with. She’s also noticed that these same geezers can’t stand a ringing phone […]

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The Daily Show on the 9/11 1st Responders Heathcare Bill

by meanlouise December 18, 2010 politics

On December 16th, the Daily Show devoted almost the entire episode to the travesty that is the U.S. Senate’s failure to pass the healthcare bill for 9/11 1st Responders. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Worst Responders Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog The Daily […]

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Black Friday

by meanlouise November 26, 2010 holiday cheer

Black Friday is an American ritual wherein unwashed, highly strung people line up in the pre-dawn hours for the privilege of being confined with other unwashed, highly strung human beings to bask in the sallowing glow of flourescent lights and buy objects neither scarce nor precious. It’s not actually the biggest shopping day of the […]

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Scooby Doo: The Mystery Mask Mix-Up

by meanlouise November 25, 2010 pop culture

There’s no end to the horrifying ethnic stereotypes in some of the early episodes of Scooby-Doo. And by “early” I mean, “the first 60 or 70 or 80 episodes.” The combination of cringe-worthy Chinese waiter impersonations and the insane music make season 2’s “The Mystery Mask Mix-Up” a real standout. As you may recall, there […]

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wordless wednesday: it's a dog's life

by meanlouise November 24, 2010 true life 2010
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Pay attention: the life you save may be your own

by meanlouise November 14, 2010 television

The 1975-77 show Secrets of Isis became available on netflix streaming recently. My friend Kate and I both loved this show when we were kids. In fact, we both dressed as Isis for Halloween one year (probably in 1976). On Friday, Kate and I thought it would be a good idea to watch a few […]

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wordless wednesday: giant disney dog edition

by meanlouise November 10, 2010 true life 2010

IMG_0587, originally uploaded by meanlouise. originally uploaded by meanlouise. originally uploaded by meanlouise. originally uploaded by meanlouise. wordless wednesday HQ

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Did Joan Collins know that Jack Lalanne was raiding her wardrobe?

by meanlouise November 9, 2010 television

I rediscovered a writer I haven’t read in ages, Jett Superior. I didn’t intentionally quit reading her, I probably had her bookmarked on my old computer instead of someplace more sensible. I don’t remember her URL being AlphabetJunkie back then, so maybe it’s her fault I lost her bookmark. I choose to believe that, because […]

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