Bacon @ Artomatic

by meanlouise May 18, 2012 art

Artomatic is back and this year I’m not in charge of anything except my own art. You may have noticed that bacon icon in the right-hand column of this page. Did you check it out to see where it leads?

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How can you not love GMU's homecoming queen?

by meanlouise February 20, 2009 academia

I think the election of George Mason University student Reann Ballslee as Ms. Mason 2009 is fantastic. I found the dissenting opinions in today’s Post article about GMU’s homecoming revealing: Beyond the joyful tears and tiara, Allen’s election exposed conflicting cultural currents at the sprawling campus in Fairfax County. Many see it as an expression […]

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"Checkout Time for Smelly, Slithery Guests"

by meanlouise July 12, 2008 wild kingdom

“Exotic Snakes Wear Out Their Welcome at Va. Motel” Fairfax City police said they found 17 exotic snakes, 12 of them venomous, inside Room 11 of the Hy-Way Motel near Fairfax Circle on Thursday night after the motel’s management alerted them to a foul odor. The snakes took up residence at the Hy-Way on Sunday […]

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2nd annual Del Ray Music Festival

by meanlouise June 25, 2008 music

Saturday is the Second Annual Del Ray Music Festival. A sign I need a nap: I was admiring the photo on the website from the Centennial Kickoff Potluck and wondering who took it. I took the picture on the website from the Centennial Kickoff Potluck.

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Arlington's Car-Free Diet Initiative

by meanlouise February 7, 2008 DMV

(The competitive renovators post was not about any of our neighbors. This post is, or at least mentions one) Arlington County is aggressively marketing an anti-traffic congestion and pollution plan called the Car-Free Diet. The website offers lots of information about how and why you should minimize your car usage. There are even incentives for […]

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