In what possible universe did BP Chief Tony Hayward think that attending a yacht race would be okay while his company destroys the Gulf of Mexico? The whole thing leaves me speechless. I thought Rahm Emanuel’s assessment was brilliant.

“To quote Tony Hayward, he’s got his life back,” Mr. Emanuel said.

Hayward made a lame apology after being blasted for idiotically stating to Gulf Coast residents that, “I would like my life back.” Clearly he doesn’t get it, as he thought it appropriate to attend a yacht race with his son. (It’s unclear from crew lists whether Hayward was actually participating in the race or watching – but it doesn’t matter which to me).

The whole yachting incident is so infuriating, it would be easy to miss the embroglio over the transfer of major responsibilities within the company. Luckily, The New York Times has come to the rescue:

On Friday, the chairman of the board of BP, Carl-Henric Svanberg, told the British TV network Sky News that Mr. Hayward would be “now handing over” the daily operations in the gulf to Robert Dudley, an American who joined BP as part of its acquisition of Amoco a decade ago.

On Saturday, BP tried to clarify what Mr. Svanberg had said about the transition of leadership in the gulf. “What he meant by ‘now,’ ” Ms. Williams said, was that “there would be a transition over to Bob over a period of time.”

“Obviously, Tony’s main priority remains overseeing all BP operations,” she said. “Over all, there will be some responsibilities handed over, but Tony will remain in full control until we have stopped the leak.”

I was going to make a sarcastic comment about the Marx Brothers being in charge, but it would be terribly insulting to their memory to liken them to BP.

[note: all of the original links are dead that were about the 2002 algal bloom that reached 8500 square miles. You can learn more about the phenomenon known as hypoxia here]

Have you been keeping an eye on the algae bloom (or whatever it is) off the coast of Florida? Here are the latest NASA images. Here’s a story about it from the Naples Daily News.

This morning I couldn’t reach the Mote Marine Laboratories site for an update (and to watch the sharkcam for a few minutes). Now I’m worried they’ve been swallowed by the blob.

The Florida Marine Research Institute site is responding now, so they’re either okay or the blob has learned how to get their server up and running again. You can get regular updates about the Black Water Blob on the site.

Are we sure this thing doesn’t have anything to do with the Presidential election ballot counts?

Try the Mote link, hopefully they’ll be back later. In the meantime, visit the Manatee Cam, then go adopt a Manatee.