I thought I was going to need a wildlife rehabilitator

by meanlouise March 2, 2016 art

If I don’t start updating my blog regularly soon, I’m afraid JunglePete is going to hack into it and start posting ornithology memes. Grappling with a rheumatological flare this week, I haven’t exactly been a high-functioning machine lately. Today I took a shower, put an oil-based leave-in conditioner in my hair, and went back to […]

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Pepe the Mail Order Monkey

by meanlouise April 29, 2014 art

Lots of you seem to be wandering around in my blog looking for info on Tim Tate’s story, Pepe the Mail Order Monkey. I have some of Tim’s art and I supported the Fringe Festival musical Pepe the Mail Order Monkey, but I think this is what you’re looking for: NPR’s Snap Judgement aired a […]

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Margaret Wertheim’s Ted talk about the Crochet Coral Reef project

by meanlouise April 2, 2014 art

The Institute for Figuring posted this exciting note on facebook yesterday: IFF Director, Margaret Wertheim’s, TED Talk about our Crochet Coral Reef project as an artistic response to global warming, has reached a million views. We’re currently working on a book about the project that will highlight all 30 Crochet Reefs around the world and […]

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by meanlouise February 3, 2014 art

Abita is a haunting animated short that portrays the impact of the Fukushima tragedy on the children in the region. Abita from Shoko Hara on Vimeo. This film, which has such a clean and simple visual style, grows more haunting with repeated viewings. The sound design is particularly beautiful. The filmmakers chose the dragonfly because […]

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Let’s play cowboys and indians!

by meanlouise September 11, 2013 anthropology

On Monday (9/9/13) DC-area artist Gregg Deal appeared on WJLA’s News Channel 8 “Afternoon Report.” Deal went on the show believing he’d been invited into the program to talk about his performance art piece, The Last American Indian on Earth. Disclaimer: I backed this project during the last Indiegogo campaign and plan to support the […]

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The Last American Indian Left on Earth

by meanlouise April 16, 2013 art

I’ve ranted endlessly about my my crowd-sourcing fatigue. I can’t figure out how to turn the volume of pitches down to a manageable level so filtering them ends up being all-or-nothing. I just don’t have the time or energy to read them all. Still, every now and again a project commands my attention. Sometimes, I’m […]

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by meanlouise April 14, 2013 art

This important public service announcement was brought to you by Glendon Mellow, science artist and blogger at Symbiartic, part of the Scientific American blog network.

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by meanlouise February 3, 2013 art

No, really. Crochetdermy

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Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman

by meanlouise August 18, 2012 art

If you have 7 minutes to kill and you love Alan Rickman, you’ll really love this: [embedded video: epic tea time with alan rickman]

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Artomatic Picks: Lenny Campello

by meanlouise June 1, 2012 art

Gallerist/Collector/Artist/Blogger Lenny Campello posted his Artomatic 2012 review. This is our favorite part: Made Me Hungry Award – Rebecca Gordon has unexpectedly beautiful photographs of bacon on the 10th floor. Don’t forget – tomorrow night is Meat The Artist night. We’ll be in or around our room on the 10th floor from at least 7 […]

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