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The Truelife Undead Adventures of GhostCat

by meanlouise November 5, 2011 halloween

Are you here looking for information about DC’s Demon Cat, who was alleged to prowl around the grounds of the White House and U.S. Capitol? You’re in the wrong place, but you might as well stick around because every day is Halloween around here and I have a ghost story for you all the same! […]

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The banana trees meet Hurricane Irene

by meanlouise August 27, 2011 true life 2011

The banana trees are frantically banging on the 2nd floor windows as though begging to be let in out of the storm. Poor banana trees. [embedded video] The wind is starting to pick up, hopefully the banana trees won’t get their wish as the storm progresses tonight.

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Tinkerbell & the Amish Beaver Gang

by meanlouise August 10, 2011 true life 2011

I don’t know which part of this perplexes me the most – that Netflix suggested the Tinkerbell video or that their algorithm considered these titles to be similar: (You can view a larger version of the image by clicking on it). There are a lot of places we could go with this but I’m just […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Sunflower meets squirrel

by meanlouise August 3, 2011 squirrels

Sunflowers, July 15, 2011, originally uploaded by meanlouise. July 15, 2011 Large sunflower bud (at left), originally uploaded by meanlouise. July 21, 2011 Eric & the Large Sunflower, originally uploaded by meanlouise. July 23, 2011 Large Sunflower open, originally uploaded by meanlouise. [embedded video: Squirrel versus Sunflower August 1, 2011 The Carnage, originally uploaded by […]

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wordless wednesday: kenilworth aquatic gardens

by meanlouise July 27, 2011 true life 2011
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Blog this

by meanlouise July 15, 2011 reader favorites

If you’re a blogger, I bet your most popular post is the magical tale of the day you gave birth to your beautiful children. Or the lyrical paragraphs and heart-breakingly beautiful prose about the day that your future spouse sent Placido Domingo to your office to wish you happy birthday. Or maybe it’s the recipe […]

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wordless wednesday: overstating the obvious edition

by meanlouise June 16, 2011 flickr

Mummy Not Mummy

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the closet mystery continues

by meanlouise June 14, 2011 true life 2011

this and the previous post were both updated/corrected tonight at 11 p.m. The physicists have studied my closet. Round objects placed in the center of the room (pencils, marbles, liquor bottles) roll toward the closet. Ergo, there’s no reason for that door to swing out, let alone swing out slowly and creepily. None of us […]

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even ghosts need to come out of the closet

by meanlouise June 14, 2011 academia

My haunted closet door opens too slowly for me to stand there and shoot video, but I happened to be standing nearby when it started creaking tonight so I took some pictures. It opens a bit, waits a minutes, then opens some more. It’s creepy. The sequence of photos below were taken between 45 seconds […]

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Show me the mummy

by meanlouise June 12, 2011 science!

The first day of the 7th World Congress of Mummy Science (being hosted here at the University of San Diego) was super-excellent. I’m also super-exhausted because I spent about 9 hours traveling to get here, dumped my stuff in my dorm room, and dashed over for the afternoon sessions, a plenary speech and a reception. […]

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