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by meanlouise November 10, 2011 art

Michele Banks on the Atlantic Life blog: “Michele Banks’s Painting of Cancer Cells, Inspired by Carl Sagan.”

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Art openings this week

by meanlouise June 30, 2010 art

Wickedly talented DC artist Danny Jean-Jacques has a solo show opening up at Tryst. In Danny’s own words: DC Artist D. Jean-Jacques opens his month long show at Tryst, Thursday, July 1, 7-9pm. The show is on view until August 3rd. What is a H.A.C.K? A H.A.C.K. is a “Heartbroken Artist Creativity Killed”. We’ve all […]

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Michele Banks on CraftZine

by meanlouise May 11, 2010 art

Michele Banks is featured on the CraftZine blog today. Check out the post & then go check out her work. Perfect for the nerd in your life. What scientist doesn’t like art? Everybody wins!

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Free Range Crazy, Knitting,

by meanlouise July 12, 2009 artomatic

Oh my but do I have stories for you, kids. Right now, however, I have a headache, I need a shower, and I need to head to Artomatic for a manager’s shift. Artomatic is closed to the public now. Only participating artists are allowed in the building right now and they must show ID. Photo […]

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Onward and upward with the arts

by meanlouise March 22, 2009 art

Lots of other arty things were happening during this, the first weekend of Spring – although Artomatic registration is not open yet. I’m a bit cantankerous because I want to start recording the soundtrack for a potential installation and a major construction project sprang up 200 yards from our recording space. Pile-driving and sound recording […]

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I hate artists

by meanlouise July 21, 2008 art

(sometimes) One evening a few months ago I was talking to a fairly young artist with a degenerative disease that is increasingly forcing her to rely on assistance with the tasks of daily living. As if this weren’t indignity enough, she’s also made the decision to change her focus from painting and drawing (media she’s […]

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