Dancing Albatrosses

by meanlouise March 14, 2016 true life 2015

This video of dancing albatrosses is all you need today: Courtesy of the live Kauai Laysan Albatross Cam and the Cornell Ornithology Lab, which has a variety of live bird cams guaranteed to destroy your productivity for hours on end. Also: Here’s the Cornell Ornithology Lab’s YouTube Channel. I was only joking last week that […]

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I thought I was going to need a wildlife rehabilitator

by meanlouise March 2, 2016 art

If I don’t start updating my blog regularly soon, I’m afraid JunglePete is going to hack into it and start posting ornithology memes. Grappling with a rheumatological flare this week, I haven’t exactly been a high-functioning machine lately. Today I took a shower, put an oil-based leave-in conditioner in my hair, and went back to […]

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Chicken Police

by meanlouise August 13, 2013 wild kingdom

I love the chicken police.

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Don’t those birds know it’s 5 a.m.?

by meanlouise May 15, 2013 true life 2013

Crowley, the catbird king of my hell and his or her friend, Mr. Crazybird, have been joined by an entire flock of friends. These lunatic birds apparently have nothing better to do than have raucous conversations at 5:00. In the morning. Did you know there are two of those every day? Only one of them […]

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World Parrot Trust, Lori on DCist, & Talk Like a Pirate Day

by meanlouise September 19, 2008 nature

I just spent an hour completely hypnotized by the World Parrot Trust website. You should go and learn about Parrot conservation efforts and look at the pretty pictures. Speaking of pretty pictures, hooray for Lori, who had one of her nice photos posted on DCist yesterday. Also, happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. This is […]

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