wild kingdom

Chicken Police

by meanlouise August 13, 2013 wild kingdom

I love the chicken police.

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John Oliver on Shark Week

by meanlouise August 8, 2013 science!

“Sharks, Lies & Videotape” – The Daily Show, August 7, 2013.

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by meanlouise February 4, 2013 wild kingdom

I’ve been under the weather and spending most of my time in bed of late, though I managed to attain just enough lucidity Saturday night to watch the Dark Night Rises. It was too long, too predictable, and would have made me angry if I’d had any energy to spare. Nevertheless, it served me well […]

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

by meanlouise August 5, 2011 monkeys (also: apes)

Dr. Birdcage passed this along – “The List: 5 Reasons Why We Should Worry About an Ape Revolution.” It’s from Smithsonian Magazine’s Around the Mall blog. With the impending release this Friday of the documentary summer blockbuster Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I thought we should all be prepared in case we ever […]

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snakeheads take annapolis

by meanlouise July 19, 2011 wild kingdom

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any snakehead links, so here’s “Snakehead found in river near Annapolis” from the Washington Post. I just got some books out of the library about snakeheads, but I haven’t read them yet so I have nothing cogent to add.

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Killer otters!

by meanlouise November 29, 2010 florida files

Friday I joked about the phrases you don’t want to imagine might one day become a punchline in your obituary. “The zookeeper said she’d never seen otters behave that way before,” was one of the phrases I mentioned. Little did I know, otters are on the rampage! I just saw this headline in the Miami-Herald: […]

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Hallelujua, It's Raining Moose!

by meanlouise May 13, 2009 true life 2008

I feel bad for both the driver and the moose, but I’d be lying if I said my first thought when I saw the headline about a moose dropping out of the sky onto a car wasn’t relief because it wasn’t me. The moose that “fell from the sky” Tuesday, in an observer’s words, landed […]

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Santa stopped by yesterday

by meanlouise December 24, 2008 food and drink

Michele B gifted us with such a stunning and delicious array of cookies that Husband and I – and we’ll neither confirm nor deny this – may have growled at each other like wolves over the little chocolate cookies. Also the gingerbread man. Also the dainty little pastries that were like tiny tasty creme brulee […]

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great, something new to worry about

by meanlouise August 28, 2004 seriously?

Must admit, I think We is the best name you could ever give a 2-headed creature of anykind. Life Is Confusing For Two-Headed Snakes. I’m sure it is.

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Preparing for….The Day of The Killer Field Mice?

by meanlouise July 11, 2002 seriously?

“Boa Confiscated During DUI Stop.” The Washington Post reported: Commonwealth Ave., 100 block. Police who had stopped a vehicle and arrested the motorist on charges of driving under the influence called animal control after they found a boa constrictor in the trunk of the car. An animal control officer took the three-foot-long snake to the […]

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