On the subject of primates: Curious George, monkey or ape?

by meanlouise June 24, 2013 anthropology

As a child, I ran a bit hot and cold on the whole Curious George issue. I loved him when I was 5 and devoured all the books in short order (I was a precocious reader). In the first grade, much to the chagrin of our school librarian, I found the situation of a monkey […]

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Meet Peter Cluckey

by meanlouise January 10, 2013 anthropology

[embedded photo: Peter Cluckey by meanlouise,on Flickr] Long long ago, when I was a spry and healthy college student, I spent a semester as an intern/volunteer at the National Museum of Health and Medicine, then part of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology at Walter Reed. When I went to the museum, I always stopped […]

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The Maya, they laugh at your apocalypse

by meanlouise December 20, 2012 anthropology

I was going to write an epic post about how the Maya never predicted an apocalypse for December 21, 2012, but, ironically, I was too busy writing my final paper for my graduate archaeological theory seminar to write an anthropology post. Had to take a little time out for reading and writing to celebrate Husband’s […]

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Show me the mummy

by meanlouise June 12, 2011 science!

The first day of the 7th World Congress of Mummy Science (being hosted here at the University of San Diego) was super-excellent. I’m also super-exhausted because I spent about 9 hours traveling to get here, dumped my stuff in my dorm room, and dashed over for the afternoon sessions, a plenary speech and a reception. […]

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"Victoria’s Secret models do not constitute a 'society'."

by meanlouise December 4, 2008 science!

In Lab Notes, Newsweek’s Sharon Begley has posted Hourglass Figures: We Take it All Back, a look at some of the flawed assumptions about body-shape, fertility and health that have been bandied about for years as scientific truth. Can we please stop telling young women that if they don’t meet the hourglass ideal there is […]

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by meanlouise September 15, 2005 television

All summer long I’ve looked forward to the premier of the new FOX show Bones (and if the ratings are to be believed, so did 11 million other people). Forensic anthropology. David Boreanaz. How bad could it be? It wasn’t bad. It certainly wasn’t capital B Bad. It was just plain awful. Awful writing, no […]

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by meanlouise October 1, 1999 academia

I’ve been talking with faculty in Anthropology and CompSci about developing a course in Digital Culture that I could possibly teach after I finish my Master’s Degree next year. I have to finish Comprehensive exams and complete two major projects between now and then, so I don’t want to get too excited yet…. If you […]

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