Sinister + Squirrels

by meanlouise April 11, 2013 movies

Sinister scared me witless. In honor of the Washington Post’s squirrel week, here’s my review of Sinister, which has almost nothing to do with squirrels but almost everything to do with why I’m never going into our attic ever again. This (Hollywood) cheap horror movie riffs on found footage, snuff films, voyeurs, arrogant writers, technology, […]

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Without properly installed crown molding, one risks opening a gateway to a demonic dimension

by meanlouise February 9, 2013 true life 2013

I know my blog is a mess. I really need to remedy the poor categorization and sloppy archives code. Too many exports and imports and re-exports from platform to platform have really done a number on the place. You’d think that being sick and stuck in bed would afford ample time to do this work. […]

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Adam Felber on the strike

by meanlouise November 9, 2007 art

[tag]Adam Felber[/tag] has a very good [tag]writers’ strike[/tag] primer posted at [tag]Fanatical Apathy[/tag]. Link courtesy of the Linkmeister (thanks!), who also has some interesting posts on the subject.

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Writers' Strike

by meanlouise November 8, 2007 art

There’s a great deal of public animosity toward the striking writers, the commentators sounding like so many petulant children fearing they are to be derived of their god-given right to be entertained. Media coverage of the strike can fan the flames of pop cultures image of writers, artists and other creators. [tag]Joss Whedon[/tag] has some […]

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Buy this book, or else!

by meanlouise July 13, 2003 books + libraries

You may think you have more important things to do than read, but you’re wrong. And those things are certainly not nearly as interesting as Matt Rossi’s new book, which I’m going to harrass you about endlessly until you buy it. Pre-order Things That Never Were right now. Or at least click the link and […]

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