Without properly installed crown molding, one risks opening a gateway to a demonic dimension

by meanlouise February 9, 2013 true life 2013

I know my blog is a mess. I really need to remedy the poor categorization and sloppy archives code. Too many exports and imports and re-exports from platform to platform have really done a number on the place. You’d think that being sick and stuck in bed would afford ample time to do this work. […]

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The Truelife Undead Adventures of GhostCat

by meanlouise November 5, 2011 halloween

Are you here looking for information about DC’s Demon Cat, who was alleged to prowl around the grounds of the White House and U.S. Capitol? You’re in the wrong place, but you might as well stick around because every day is Halloween around here and I have a ghost story for you all the same! […]

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Ghost Cat

by meanlouise October 30, 2010 true life 2010

This morning JunglePete asked Husband about our cat, who he claimed kept him company during the night. We don’t have a cat.

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