hell (other people)

I'm going to hell, I hope they serve tater tots

by meanlouise September 21, 2009 food and drink

You know who annoys me more than newly converted Jesus freaks? Newly converted dieters. Today I was just trying to go to CVS to get some Tylenol when I was pounced on by “nutritional consultants” handing out samples of some new pom-soy-who knows what “nutrition” bar. I declined and said, “I’d rather just eat the […]

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bringing up baby

by meanlouise November 13, 2004 hell (other people)

The November 12th issue of the New Yorker features a particularly good “annals of retail” column by Caitlin Flanagan. Titled “Bringing Up Baby – Anxious parents spend thousands,” the article chronicles the thing I find even more amusing than the stupid shit people buy their pets, namely – the stupid shit people buy for their […]

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Has the entire world gone insane?

by meanlouise May 22, 2003 seriously?

Driving home from work, rush hour, tons of traffic, blah blah blah. Traffic stops. The guy behind me in the Lexus lays on his horn. He’s fully occupied in his phone conversation and can’t be bothered to take the big picture into account. He keeps honking and honking and honking. My headache goes from bad […]

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maybe you should take gas prices as a sign not to be a pig?

by meanlouise May 22, 2001 hell (other people)

I want these people in their Ford Excursions with the tastefully applied Greenpeace sticker on the rear bumper to subsidize what they are doing to our planet in a tangible way. I’m very tired of the sense of entitlement that accompanies SUV-drivers. I saw whiney yuppies on the news the other night complaining that they […]

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by meanlouise May 12, 2001 true life 2001

Whoever put the word lifestyle into general usage should be shot, or at minimum punished severely. We willfully packed ourselves in amongst the other sardines at the uber-fashionable bar while we waited for a table at the adjoining uber-fashionable restaurant. We didn’t know all this time we were being hip, we just like being able […]

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the horror, the horror

by meanlouise April 24, 2001 hell (other people)

[this entry was posted during a software switchover] While we iron this out, we must keep in mind that things could be much much worse for us. We could be like the poor souls in New York City. You may be asking, what poor souls? The tragedy came to my attention via and article in […]

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