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Our monkey butler made me do it

by meanlouise September 21, 2015 hell (other people)

I was out at the local coffeeshop not caulking the bathtub in our guest bathroom when I ran into a friend who asked me why I wasn’t at home re-caulking the bathtub like I said I was going to be. I’ve been avoiding re-caulking that bathtub for 6 weeks. I’ve spent more time talking about […]

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I'm going to hell, I hope they serve tater tots

by meanlouise September 21, 2009 food and drink

You know who annoys me more than newly converted Jesus freaks? Newly converted dieters. Today I was just trying to go to CVS to get some Tylenol when I was pounced on by “nutritional consultants” handing out samples of some new pom-soy-who knows what “nutrition” bar. I declined and said, “I’d rather just eat the […]

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Keeping up with the Yogis

by meanlouise November 23, 2008 hell (other people)

disclaimer: I swear this post isn’t directed at any of our friends who teach Yoga. I point this out explicitly since I think 90% of our friends teach Yoga. Having said that, last month’s Self magazine had an article, “Keeping up with the Yogis” that certainly reminded me of some people I’ve met. More and […]

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Travels with Chandler

by meanlouise August 9, 2007 florida files

Cocktail hour. Watching a Friends rerun with Mom (Chandler and Joey get a chicken). Remembering how boring Friends got. Remembering my scrawled notes from our flight down, which I decipher for you now, because it’s better than watching television and dinner isn’t ready: “I don’t hate many people. 2. Maybe 3. But I can tell, […]

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home and garden tour season

by meanlouise May 19, 2007 hell (other people)

Home and garden tours are great fundraisers, but boy howdy can they bring bubbling to the surface all manner of class and racial tension. I bet if I bothered to research it I’d turn up all manner of interesting articles on the subject. Through the years I’ve watched many private kerfluffles and behind the scenes […]

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Skarlet and the Bunny go to the Mall, wherein they find much ado about nothing

by meanlouise October 7, 2005 hell (other people)

[ed note: like everything prior to 2006 on this site, this one dates back to punkprincess.com, as you probably guessed from the title. Quoted articles are from the Washington Post but I’m having trouble finding the links again. The post goes on an excessive length because a linkback from washingtonpost.com had provoked an exciting series […]

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bringing up baby

by meanlouise November 13, 2004 hell (other people)

The November 12th issue of the New Yorker features a particularly good “annals of retail” column by Caitlin Flanagan. Titled “Bringing Up Baby – Anxious parents spend thousands,” the article chronicles the thing I find even more amusing than the stupid shit people buy their pets, namely – the stupid shit people buy for their […]

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more reasons to be concerned about dog people

by meanlouise March 31, 2004 hell (other people)

Dogs are wonderful. I love dogs. It’s their owners I worry about. Neuticles and doggles and jog a dogs, what more could your dog need? Maybe your dog needs a vintage mink sleigh bed. Our neighborhood has the requisite barkery to ensure the local pooches get fresh and organic treats, which is apparently very important […]

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holiday cheer

by meanlouise December 20, 2002 hell (other people)

Sometime in the not-so-distant past someone made a snide and off-handed remark about how easy and boring my job must be and then went on to ask how I could keep from becoming brain-dead after so long working in a library, going so far as to suggest that librarian’s salaries are a waste of tax […]

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Stupid

by meanlouise October 7, 2002 hell (other people)

This post is part of the corrupted archives restoration and includes the old comments as text at the bottom of the post. Sorry if this is confusing. What’s that? You’re still using Johnson and Johnson products on your baby? You must really suck or something. I don’t think we can be friends anymore. After reading […]

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