Has the entire world gone insane?

Driving home from work, rush hour, tons of traffic, blah blah blah.

Traffic stops. The guy behind me in the Lexus lays on his horn. He’s fully occupied in his phone conversation and can’t be bothered to take the big picture into account. He keeps honking and honking and honking. My headache goes from bad to nearly unbearable.

Honking will not make the cars move, this is very obvious. After all, there’s a missile launcher in the road. A missile launcher, surrounded by Army Dudes in full Army Dude Attire. Honking will not intimidate the missile launcher. Honking will not make the Army Dudes say, “Code Red? Bah! Let’s knock off early and have a beer, we’re inconveniencing this guy.”

The odd part was all the camoflage they were wearing, particularly the helmets. The helmets had that netting stuff on them and everything, and it’s not the first time we’ve seen this around the Pentagon lately.

“If the enemy attacks we’ll, uh, take cover in this carefully manicured park. Quick men, cover yourself in hydrangea branches.”

So despite the fact that traffic is slowed down so the Pentagon can position a missile launcher, the guy keeps honking. What the fuck? It’s a missile launcher. A missile launcher. It launches missiles.

Stop honking, hang up your cellphone and pay attention to the road.

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