liam neeson

Neeson Season

by meanlouise February 20, 2015 pop culture

As soon as I opened wordpress to post Liam Neeson: The Musical, our furnace made a terrible shrieking sound. An additional dose of oil seems to have placated it (for now) but it’s 12 degrees and I’m a little nervous. This wouldn’t be the first time Liam Neeson has menaced our furnace on a cold […]

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Kittens love Liam Neeson

by meanlouise May 22, 2013 true life 2013

I made the mistake of letting the kittens watch Taken last night. Kittens, it turns out, love Liam Neeson movies. They spent the duration of the movie alternately stalking the TV and napping on the airbed so I thought we’d at least dodged the nightly 2 hour KittenCrazyFest. I was mistaken. Just as I got […]

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Wrath of the Titans (Or, this movie sucks so much it will break your furnace)

by meanlouise February 9, 2013 movies

Wrath of the Titans is a clunky inept sequel to a clunky inept remake of a clunky inept movie from the 1980s. Young Boomers/older Gen Xers, who thought the original Clash of the Titans was great because they were young and impressionable when it first came out (and were probably stoned when they saw it) […]

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