Kittens love Liam Neeson

I made the mistake of letting the kittens watch Taken last night. Kittens, it turns out, love Liam Neeson movies. They spent the duration of the movie alternately stalking the TV and napping on the airbed so I thought we’d at least dodged the nightly 2 hour KittenCrazyFest.

I was mistaken.

Just as I got into bed, they got the signal from the Mothership. A few minutes of attacking the bed. And each other). A frantic episode of racing around the house. A few minutes of attacking the sheets. And my feet. And each other.

Rinse. Repeat.

They were so cute I hauled myself out of bed, grabbed the camera and sent Husband a video of the fun he was missing.

Then I grabbed the water pistol and put an end to the game and we all went to sleep.

I love the attack and flip maneuver (seen at 1:55), which never stops being adorable.

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