Did you have a good Fibre Space Day?

You don’t know what Fibre Space Day is? What, were you too busy celebrating Greek Independence Day or Steve McQueen’s birthday?

Fibre space day

Fibre Space Day is an extremely festive holiday wherein you wear one of your groovy Fibre Girl shirt, get all sugared up on Lavender Moon cupcake, and buy things.

cupcakes & roving on Fibre Space Day 2011

Then, you knit things. Or eat more cupcakes. Maybe both.

Danielle Loves Grafting

365: Purl Knit

Husband had a good Fibre Space Day. He didn’t get to go to the shop, but he wore a Fibre Space shirt in honor of this important and meaningful holiday. Here he is tonight, celebrating accordingly:

In keeping with the traditions of our people,* we watched Matrix movies intermittently throughout the day, occasionally even paying attention long enough to yell things at the screen like “There is no spoon!” or “We meet again Mr. Anderson!” or “These movies make no fucking sense!”

It seems as good a way to begin the new year as any. Possibly better than many other ways, especially ways that involve actually going anywhere or doing anything productive.

*What people? Lazy people who lay on the couch and watch whatever trilogy their Tivo serves up.

“Breaking the Valentines Mold”

Artomatic and the Pink Line Project head into Day 2 of their Luck of the Draw weekend of art and music events at venues around the Navy Yard Metro in Southeast. We count on both of these groups to put on the best art parties around (yes, fine, we {heart} them). And this show seems to have it all: a photography exhibit curated by Ten Miles Square; another exhibition, “RED: St. Valentine bled for us” (with work by Tim Tate, Pat Goslee, Scott Brooks and others); and DJs and music performances every day.

Free. Tonight 6-10 p.m.; tomorrow 2-6 p.m. Half Street, between K and L streets SE. Navy Yard Metro station. For a schedule and details, visit the Pink Line Project or Artomatic.

In lieu of content, I give you Holiday Cheer, a recently restored post from the archives. Since everyone I know seems to be girding themselves for visits to or from annoying relatives or other difficult people it seemed like a relevant link. Actually, it’s mostly a tirade about how mean and shallow people can be, but there’s mention of the holidays and it’s from December, so that’s close enough, right?