Did you have a good Fibre Space Day?

You don’t know what Fibre Space Day is? What, were you too busy celebrating Greek Independence Day or Steve McQueen’s birthday?

Fibre space day

Fibre Space Day is an extremely festive holiday wherein you wear one of your groovy Fibre Girl shirt, get all sugared up on Lavender Moon cupcake, and buy things.

cupcakes & roving on Fibre Space Day 2011

Then, you knit things. Or eat more cupcakes. Maybe both.

Danielle Loves Grafting

365: Purl Knit

Husband had a good Fibre Space Day. He didn’t get to go to the shop, but he wore a Fibre Space shirt in honor of this important and meaningful holiday. Here he is tonight, celebrating accordingly:

“NASA’s ‘Extreme Planet Makeover’; Crochet Coral Reef at the Smithsonian”

By Rachel Saslow
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, February 7, 2011; 2:44 PM
Art and science

And the rest of us just knit scarves . . . Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef, National Museum of Natural History

An impressive exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History ties together art and science with yards and yards of sparkly yarn. The “Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef” is, amazingly, just what it sounds like: an enormous crocheted coral reef created by hundreds of local crafters, a spinoff from the worldwide Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project. (“Hyperbolic” refers to a kind of geometry that appears in some natural forms, including corals and sponges.) Sisters Margaret and Christine Wertheim launched the project in 2005 in their Los Angeles living room to promote ecological awareness and highlight the need for conservation. There are miniature beaded-crochet sea anemones, woolen jellyfish and a plastic portion of the reef, created to bring attention to ocean pollution. Sound weird? It’s magnificent. The exhibit runs through April 24.

(You can go visit the page to read about NASA – I quoted the whole section about the coral because it was a difficult article to find online in the first place).

I’m a docent at the reef and I’m usually there on Tuesdays but I won’t be there today, unfortunately.

Franklin is a cult figure to knitters. Thanks to this hilarious cartoon, he’s probably going to be a cult figure to the loved ones of knitters who have horrible gifts inflicted upon them.

I was talking about this [holiday gift knitting] with my therapist just last week. She suggested that I deal with my holiday angst in a constructive fashion by putting my heated inner dialogue down on paper so that I could properly analyze it. But I was out of paper, so instead I made an animated cartoon starring Albert Einstein and the Queen of England.

That will strike you as an odd coupling until I explain that whenever I experience a heated inner dialogue, that’s who the voices in my head sound like. (Although sometimes instead of Einstein I hear Fanny Brice; but the animation Web site doesn’t offer a Fanny Brice avatar.)

The result is that I still don’t have my holiday knitting under control and I have to find a new therapist.

You should go watch the movie, it’s funny.

update: I am not attending this workshop after all due to injury. Forgot it was posted so I’ll add this note instead of just deleting it.

I was very excited about the possibility of studying the Art of the Reliquary with one of my all-time favorite sculptors, Novie Trump, this weekend.

Then a spot opened up in Fibre Space’s design retreat with Stefanie Japel, which I’ve also been wanting to do forever.

This is a sweater I made from one of Stefanie Japel’s patterns:

alexandra ballet sweater

I picked the design retreat, but I still want to take one of Novie Trump’s workshops in the future.