My first thought when I laid eyes on this boat was, “Faith and I would look hot racing around a lake in a pair of these!”


My second thought was, “Until we died, violently,” which I suspect would be the inevitable outcome of plopping us in a lake in fiberglass UFO-on-skis watercraft powered by 40hp motors.


I finally got to see The Tree at Rockefeller Center. I have better pictures, but this one is of the two of us:


It was really cold on Sunday night. Really, really cold. 17 degrees cold. Husband was thrilled.


In between visits to the tree we had dinner with Faith and her family.

At long last, I got to meet Boris in person:

Me & Boris!

Husband snapped a whole bunch of pictures while Faith and I were yakyakyakking. This one’s really blurry but my expression towards Faith, who’s just out of the frame, is priceless.

This one's for you, Batgrl

Lots of people can’t believe Faith and I can get along, since we’re quite extremely, um, different, in our political views, so I’d post it for the amusement of Batty and the Linkmeister, in particular.

Between visits to The Transcendant Tree we met up with Faith and her family (yes, that includes the world famous Boris the pug). Longtime readers will be relieved to know that no one got hurt and no one’s in jail. It’s about a million degrees below zero and I’m too tired (lazy) to blog from my phone, so a full report will just have to wait…


This is not to be confused with Faith World, which is a world I’m not sure I want to contemplate tonight. Buy the wrong orange juice and you could find yourself getting a permanent timeout.

Many weird things happen to me, for I am a powerful Freak Magnet. But my magnetism is by and large limited to people. Faith’s magnetism is far mightier. It is one of the known Laws of the Universe that no matter how strange my life gets, Faith’s will always be stranger.

Apparently, her magnetism also includes weird accidents in any and all modes of transportation. Most recently, she was on a train that hit a cow. Trains do indeed hit cows, but the odds of someone who rarely leaves Manhattan being on a train that hits a cow would seem to be pretty slim. Unless that person is Faith.